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Bill Paxton
Birthday: May 17, 1955

Birth Place: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Height: 5' 1"

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Possessing a special talent for totally immersing himself in his roles, Bill Paxton does not always get the recognition he deserves. Tall, rangy, and boyishly good looking, Paxton's career is a curiosity that has found the character actor turned filmmaker succeeding in intermittently pulling the rug from under filmgoers' feet with a constantly expanding sense of maturity and range.Paxton's interest in films emerged during his teens when he began making his own movies with a Super-8 camera. He formally entered the entertainment industry in 1974 as a set dresser for Roger Corman's New World Pictures. Paxton made his acting debut as a bit player in Crazy Mama (1975), and afterward, the young thespian moved to New York to hone his skills. Following performances in a couple of horror quickies, Paxton formally launched his Hollywood career with a tiny part in Ivan Reitman's Stripes (1981) and this led to a steady if not unremarkable career in film and television during the '80s. In addition to acting, Paxton made short independent films such as Fish Heads, (1982) which became a favorite on NBC's Saturday Night Live. Paxton's acting career got a much-needed boost in 1985 when he was cast as Ilan Mitchell-Smith's obnoxious big brother Chet Donolley in John Hughes' Weird Science. Some of Paxton's more memorable subsequent roles include that of a cocky intergalactic soldier in James Cameron's Aliens (1986), a crazed vampire in Kathryn Bigelow's Near Dark, and sickly astronaut Freddie Hayes in Ron Howard's Apollo 13. In 1996, Paxton landed a starring role, opposite Helen Hunt, in the special-effects blockbuster Twister; since then his career has taken an upward turn and Paxton is getting more leads than ever. Though few audiences saw it in its limited release, critics were quick to praise Paxton's turn as con-artist Traveler in the 1997 movie of the same name. Following a doomed voyage on the Titanic the same year, the workhorse actor once again intrigued filmgoers as a small-town dweller struggling with his conscience after stumbling into over a million dollars in usually flamboyant director Sam Raimi's strikingly subdued A Simple Plan. A quiet and intense performance enhanced by a talented cast including Billy Bob Thornton and Bridget Fonda, the psychological crime drama once again provided further proof that Paxton's impressive range of emotion stretched beyond what many filmgoers may have previously suspected. Though subsequent performances in Mighty Joe Young (1998) and U-571 (2000) did little to backup the promise shown in A Simple Plan, Paxton still had a few tricks up his sleeve, as evidenced by his directorial debut Frailty (2002), a surprisingly competent and genuinely frightening tale of religious fervor and questionable sanity. Though cynical filmgoers may have initially viewed the trailer-touting praises of former collaborators Raimi and James Cameron as favors from old friends, the taut tale of a father who claims that God has provided him with a list of "demons" that he and his sons must cast from the earth blind-sided critics and filmgoers with its disturbingly minimalistic yet complex psychological thriller that recalled the thematic elements of previous efforts as Michael Tolkin's The Rapture (1991). His performance as a loving father who reluctantly embarks on God's mission was a vital component of the films emotional impact, and was once again proof that this former supporting player still had a few tricks up his sleeve.

Movie Credits
The Good Life (2007)
[ Chris Klein ][ Patrick Fugit ][ Harry Dean Stanton ][ Bruce McGill ][ Mark Webber ]
Where There's a Will (2006)
[ Harry Dean Stanton ][ Bruce Dern ][ Keith Carradine ][ Frank Whaley ][ David DeLuise ]
The Baptism (2006)
[ Harry Dean Stanton ][ Bruce Dern ]
A Barbecue for Betty (2006)
[ Harry Dean Stanton ][ Bruce Dern ]
Easter (2006)
[ Harry Dean Stanton ][ Bruce Dern ]
Haven (2004)
[ Orlando Bloom ][ Bobby Cannavale ][ Jake Weber ][ Stephen Dillane ][ Anthony Mackie ]
Thunderbirds (2004)
[ Ben Kingsley ][ Anthony Edwards ][ Hans Zimmer ][ Brady Corbet ]
Club Dread (2004)
[ Jay Chandrasekhar ][ M.C. Gainey ][ Samm Levine ][ Kevin Heffernan ][ Steve Lemme ]
Pat Benatar: Choice Cuts - The Complete Video Collection (2003)
[ Richard Belzer ]
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003)
[ George Clooney ][ Elijah Wood ][ Sylvester Stallone ][ Steve Buscemi ][ Antonio Banderas ]
Resistance (2003)
Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (2002)
[ Steve Buscemi ][ Antonio Banderas ][ Alan Cumming ][ Robert Rodriguez ][ Tony Shalhoub ]
Frailty (2001)
[ Matthew McConaughey ][ Jeremy Sumpter ][ Powers Boothe ][ Johnny Cash ][ Matt O'Leary ]
Vertical Limit (2000)
[ Chris O'Donnell ][ Scott Glenn ][ Alexander Siddig ][ Temuera Morrison ][ Nicholas Lea ]
U-571 (2000)
[ Matthew McConaughey ][ Harvey Keitel ][ Jon Bon Jovi ][ Tom Guiry ][ Thomas Kretschmann ]
Mighty Joe Young (1998)
[ Naveen Andrews ][ Verne Troyer ][ Rade Serbedzija ][ Richard Riehle ][ David Paymer ]
A Simple Plan (1998)
[ Billy Bob Thornton ][ Gary Cole ][ Danny Elfman ]
A Bright Shining Lie (1998)
[ Kurtwood Smith ][ Eric Bogosian ][ Robert John Burke ]
Titanic (1997)
[ Leonardo Dicaprio ][ Billy Zane ][ James Cameron ][ Ioan Gruffudd ][ Victor Garber ]
Traveller (1997)
[ Mark Wahlberg ][ James Gammon ]
The Evening Star (1996)
[ Jack Nicholson ][ John Cho ][ Mackenzie Astin ][ George Newbern ][ Ben Johnson ]
Twister (1996)
[ Steven Spielberg ][ Philip Seymour Hoffman ][ Cary Elwes ][ Anthony Rapp ][ Alan Ruck ]
The Last Supper (1995)
[ Ron Perlman ][ Mark Harmon ][ Jason Alexander ][ Ron Eldard ][ Charles Durning ]
Apollo 13 (1995)
[ Tom Hanks ][ Kevin Bacon ][ Ed Harris ][ Gary Sinise ][ Clint Howard ]
True Lies (1994)
[ Arnold Schwarzenegger ][ James Cameron ][ Charlton Heston ][ Art Malik ]
Frank & Jesse (1994)
[ Rob Lowe ][ Sean Patrick Flanery ][ David Arquette ][ Alexis Arquette ][ William Atherton ]
Future Shock (1993)
[ Brion James ][ Martin Kove ][ Greg Grunberg ][ Collin Bernsen ]
Tombstone (1993)
[ Val Kilmer ][ Kurt Russell ][ Billy Bob Thornton ][ Billy Zane ][ Charlton Heston ]
Monolith (1993)
[ John Hurt ][ Louis Gossett Jr. ]
Boxing Helena (1993)
[ Kurtwood Smith ][ Julian Sands ][ Art Garfunkel ]
Indian Summer (1993)
[ Kevin Pollak ][ Alan Arkin ][ Matt Craven ][ Vincent Spano ]
Trespass (1992)
[ Ice Cube ][ William Sadler ][ Tommy 'Tiny' Lister ][ Glenn Plummer ][ James Pickens Jr. ]
The Vagrant (1992)
[ Michael Ironside ][ Marc McClure ][ Stuart Pankin ][ Chris Young ]
One False Move (1992)
[ Billy Bob Thornton ]
The Dark Backward (1991)
[ Rob Lowe ][ James Caan ][ Judd Nelson ][ Tony Cox ]
Predator 2 (1990)
[ Adam Baldwin ][ Gary Busey ][ Danny Glover ][ Kevin Peter Hall ][ Jsu Garcia ]
Navy Seals (1990)
[ Charlie Sheen ][ Michael Biehn ][ Dennis Haysbert ][ George Jackos ]
The Last of the Finest (1990)
[ Joe Pantoliano ][ Xander Berkeley ][ Jeff Fahey ][ David R. Ellis ]
Brain Dead (1990)
[ Bill Pullman ][ Bud Cort ][ George Kennedy ][ Willie Garson ][ Lee Arenberg ]
Back to Back (1990)
[ Ben Johnson ]
Next of Kin (1989)
[ Ben Stiller ][ Liam Neeson ][ Patrick Swayze ][ Adam Baldwin ][ Ted Levine ]
Slipstream (1989)
[ Mark Hamill ][ Robbie Coltrane ][ Ben Kingsley ][ F. Murray Abraham ]
New Order: Substance (1989)
[ Jonathan Demme ][ Kathryn Bigelow ]
Pass the Ammo (1988)
[ Tim Curry ][ Brian Thompson ]
Near Dark (1987)
[ Lance Henriksen ][ James LeGros ][ Adrian Pasdar ][ Kathryn Bigelow ]
Pat Benatar: The Visual Music Collection (1986)
[ Richard Belzer ]
Riding Fast (1986)
Aliens (1986)
[ Michael Biehn ][ Lance Henriksen ][ Paul Reiser ][ Kiran Shah ]
An Early Frost (1985)
[ Aidan Quinn ][ Terry O'Quinn ][ John Glover ][ Ben Gazzara ]
Commando (1985)
[ Arnold Schwarzenegger ][ Dan Hedaya ][ David Patrick Kelly ][ Bill Duke ]
Weird Science (1985)
[ Robert Downey Jr. ][ Anthony Michael Hall ][ Michael C. Hall ][ Danny Elfman ][ John Hughes ]
The Terminator (1984)
[ Arnold Schwarzenegger ][ Michael Biehn ][ Lance Henriksen ][ Brian Thompson ][ Paul Winfield ]
Impulse (1984)
[ Tim Matheson ][ Hume Cronyn ]
Streets of Fire (1984)
[ Willem Dafoe ][ Rick Moranis ][ Mykelti Williamson ][ Ed Begley Jr. ]
Pat Benatar: Hit Videos (1984)
Mortuary (1983)
Deadly Lessons (1983)
Night Warning (1983)
The Lords of Discipline (1983)
[ Michael Biehn ][ Judge Reinhold ][ Jason Connery ][ Matt Frewer ]
Taking Tiger Mountain (1983)
Fish Heads (1982)
[ Bill Mumy ]
Stripes (1981)
[ Bill Murray ][ John Candy ][ Judge Reinhold ][ John Larroquette ][ Ivan Reitman ]
Episode #6.3 (1980)
[ Gilbert Gottfried ][ Kevin Whately ]
Crazy Mama (1975)
[ Dennis Quaid ][ Jonathan Demme ]


  • Bill had rheumatic fever in the 7th grade. It kept him hospitalized for a month and bed-ridden for four months. He had to take regular doses of penicillin until he was 18.
  • As a teen, Bill caddied for golf great Ben Hogan in Fort Worth.
  • Has two children with Louise Newbury: James Paxton (b. 1994) and Lydia (b. 19 December 1997).
  • Directed the theatrical short Fish Heads (1982) which won a Special Award at the 1982 Melbourne Film Festival.
  • Co-authored and produced the short, Scoop (1983), which won a Honorable Mention at the 1983 USA Film Festival.
  • Member of the 1980s rock band Martini Ranch. James Cameron directed a video for their song "Reach" featuring many Cameron alumni (Kathryn Bigelow, Lance Henriksen, Jenette Goldstein).
  • Son of John Paxton.
  • Met his wife on a number 13 bus in London.
  • Bill's paternal grandfather was friend and neighbor to the great American painter, Thomas Hart Benton.
  • Learned to speak German to prepare for his part in the Pat Benatar video, "Shadows of the Night."
  • Attended Arlington Heights High School in Fort Worth, Texas. The same high school as John Denver and Lee Harvey Oswald (who left before he graduated).
  • In his movies he has been killed by an Alien, a Predator and a Terminator.
  • He has earned the nickname "Wild Bill" among friends and co-stars for his apparently crazed sense of humor and his love for elaborate pranks.
  • Has appeared in five films with Michael Biehn: The Lords of Discipline (1983), The Terminator (1984), Aliens (1986), Navy Seals (1990), Tombstone (1993).
  • Was the only actor to work on both an Alien movie and a Predator movie.
  • Was the first choice as Robert Langdon in The Da Vinci Code (2006). He turned the part down because he was already signed for "Big Love" (2006). Tom Hanks was cast for the film instead.

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