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Charles Bukowski
Birthday: August 16, 1920

Birth Place: Andernach, Germany
Height: 0' 0"

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Charles Bukowski made a career of writing gritty short stories, poems, novels, and the occasional screenplay. His favorite subjects concerned life among the drunken, the destitute, the degraded, and the debauched. That he spent most of his life living that way himself only added an intriguing realism, albeit an often unpleasant one, to his work. Bukowski was born in Germany, the son of a German woman and a U.S. soldier stationed in Anderbach during the American occupation. When Bukowski was still a tot, the family moved to Los Angeles, CA, where he had a tough childhood. An alcoholic for the bulk of his life, Bukowski spent his young adult years wandering from job to job and living in assorted flop houses, until he landed a job working for the U.S. Post Office. He remained there for a decade and then began focusing on his writing. He started to write in the early '40s, and though he would later deny it, would publish steadily in obscure literary journals for the next four decades. After his poems were published in the Los Angeles Free Press in the mid-'50s, Bukowski began to gather a cult following. From there, he hit his most prolific period, producing more than 40 novels, countless poems, and short stories. He also dabbled occasionally in screenplays, the most famous of which is Barfly (1987), a hard-hitting autobiographical account of a pair of emotionally involved alcoholics starring Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway. In 1989, Bukowski published Hollywood, a book about his screenwriting experience. Some of his other books have also been made into feature films, including Tales of Ordinary Madness, which is based on a similarly-titled 1973 book. From 1976 until the time of his death, Bukowski was married to Linda Lee Beighle.

Movie Credits
The Suicide (2006)
Factotum (2005)
[ Matt Dillon ][ Fisher Stevens ]
My Old Man (2004)
Son of Satan (2003)
Apporte-moi ton amour (2002)
Bring Me Your Love (2000)
[ Ian Hart ]
The Man with the Beautiful Eyes (1999)
Horseshoe (1998)
Bukowski at Bellevue (1995)
Amor por menos (1994)
The Blanket (1994)
Lonely at the Top (1993)
Guts (1991)
Lune froide (1991)
[ Luc Besson ]
Love Pig (1990)
Lune froide (1988)
Crazy Love (1987)
[ Geert Hunaerts ]
Barfly (1987)
[ Mickey Rourke ][ Frank Stallone ]
The Killers (1984)
Storie di ordinaria follia (1981)
[ Ben Gazzara ]


  • "The Crossing Guard" (1995), directed by Sean Penn, concludes with a dedication to "My friend, Charles Bukowski. I miss you, S.P."
  • His daughter, Marina Louise Bukowski Stone, was the product of his liaison with the poet Frances Smith.
  • According to Jim Christy's "The BUK Book: Musings on Charles Bukowski," when Bukowski made his first trip to Canada in October 1976, organizers for his Western Front reading in Vancouver, British Columbia were surprised that the men in the audience were far outnumbered by women. Bukowski, who was physically unprepossessing due to the acne scars on his face and his generous potbelly, proved to be catnip to women. According to reading organizer Ted Laturnus, at a post reading party, Bukowski "was besieged with offers of congress." No matter where Bukowski went during in Vancouver, he "had to fight the women off." Bukowski wrote about the Vancouver reading in his 1978 novel "Women."
  • Bukowski was arrested for draft evasion and jailed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 22, 1944. He was released when the FBI determined it was his uncle John that they were looking for. Bukowski had been rated 4-F by the Los Angeles draft board for being psychologically unfit.
  • Bukowski was arrested for being drunk in public by the Los Angeles Police Department on May 14, 1948, December 17, 1962, and on August 12, 1963. The fear of being tossed in the L.A.P.D.'s drunk tank features in his writing.
  • His body is interred at Green Hills Memorial Park, Los Angeles, California
  • Was a cat fancier. One of his finest poems, "The Mockingbird," is about a cat dispatching a bird.
  • Loved to listen to classical music on the radio as he wrote (and drank).
  • Headstone reads "Don't Try"
  • His widow, Linda Lee Bukowski, donated his papers to the Huntington Library in San Marino, California, near Pasadena. Linda Bukowski chose the genteel Huntington, which contains a Gutenberg Bible, as she frequently visits the library. "It's going to be scandalous. This would tickle my husband. It would crack him up," Linda Lee Bukowski said of her donation, which was worth as much as million. The collection of more than a thousand items includes a typed draft of his novel "Ham on Rye" (1982) with handwritten corrections, his screenplay for the 1987 autobiographical movie Barfly (1987), his first poetry journals from the 1940s, and scratch forms from horse races at Santa Anita Park.

Naked Photos of Charles Bukowski are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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