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Christian Bale
Birthday: January 30, 1974

Birth Place: Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK
Height: 0' 0"

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Christian Bale is one of the few actors in Hollywood whose child stardom has successfully translated to steady and respectable adult employment. With a wistful handsomeness to complement his impressive, sometimes underrated talent, Bale has become something of a quiet sensation, netting choice roles in a number of unconventional, critically acclaimed films.Born January 30, 1974, in Pembrokeshire, Wales, Bale was raised in England, Portugal, and the U.S. The product of a creative family (his mother was a dancer and both of his grandfathers were part-time actors), Bale made his stage debut at the age of ten, playing opposite British comedian Rowan Atkinson in The Nerd. In 1986, he debuted on television as Alexis in the miniseries Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna. His film debut came the following year with the lead role in Steven Spielberg's adaptation of J.G. Ballard's Empire of the Sun. Although the film met with very mixed reviews, Bale received almost ubiquitous praise for his portrayal of a young boy interned in a Japanese prison camp during World War II. Following a starring role in a Swedish film, Mio min Mio, Bale next appeared in Kenneth Branagh's celebrated 1988 adaptation of Henry V and in 1990, starred opposite Charlton Heston in a highly-regarded cable adaptation of Treasure Island. In 1992, Bale appeared in his first adult role in the musical Newsies, in which he could be seen singing, dancing, and sporting a fairly convincing American accent. His next film, Swing Kids (1993), also featured him dancing, this time alongside Robert Sean Leonard in wartime Germany. Although the film failed to impress most critics, it succeeded in making a favorable impact on teenage girls and swing afficionados everywhere. The following year, Bale appeared as Laurie in Gillian Armstrong's acclaimed adaptation of Little Women and then went on to lend his voice to Disney's animated film Pocahontas, which proved to be one of 1995's biggest box-office draws. The actor next appeared in The Secret Agent (1996), which, despite a strong cast including G

Movie Credits
Untitled Batman Begins Sequel (2008)
[ Heath Ledger ][ Gary Oldman ]
I'm Not There (2006)
[ Heath Ledger ][ Richard Gere ][ David Cross ][ Bruce Greenwood ]
The Prestige (2006)
[ Hugh Jackman ][ Michael Caine ][ Christopher Nolan ][ Andy Serkis ][ Daniel Davis ]
Rescue Dawn (2006)
[ Steve Zahn ][ Jeremy Davies ][ Werner Herzog ][ Zach Grenier ]
The New World (2005)
[ Colin Farrell ][ David Thewlis ][ Christopher Plummer ][ Jonathan Pryce ][ Noah Taylor ]
Harsh Times (2005)
[ J.K. Simmons ][ Terry Crews ][ Armando Riesco ]
Batman Begins (2005)
[ Gary Oldman ][ Liam Neeson ][ Morgan Freeman ][ Michael Caine ][ Cillian Murphy ]
Tankman Begins (2005)
[ Jon Heder ][ Andy Dick ]
Hauru no ugoku shiro (2004)
[ Billy Crystal ][ Will Friedle ][ Josh Hutcherson ][ Carlos Alazraqui ][ Daran Norris ]
Maquinista, El (2004)
[ Michael Ironside ]
Equilibrium (2002)
[ Sean Bean ][ Taye Diggs ][ William Fichtner ][ Dominic Purcell ][ Angus MacFadyen ]
Reign of Fire (2002)
[ Matthew McConaughey ][ Jason Isaacs ][ Gerard Butler ][ Alexander Siddig ]
Laurel Canyon (2002)
[ Alessandro Nivola ][ Rick Gonzalez ][ Elvis Costello ]
Captain Corelli's Mandolin (2001)
[ Nicolas Cage ][ John Hurt ][ David Morrissey ][ Patrick Malahide ]
American Psycho (2000)
[ Jared Leto ][ Willem Dafoe ][ Josh Lucas ][ David Bowie ][ Robert Davi ]
Shaft (2000)
[ Samuel L. Jackson ][ Mekhi Phifer ][ Jeffrey Wright ][ Dan Hedaya ][ John Singleton ]
Mary, Mother of Jesus (1999)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)
[ Sam Rockwell ][ Kevin Kline ][ Rupert Everett ][ Stanley Tucci ][ David Strathairn ]
All the Little Animals (1998)
[ John Hurt ]
Velvet Goldmine (1998)
[ Ewan McGregor ][ Jonathan Rhys Meyers ][ Michael O'Keefe ][ Eddie Izzard ][ Iggy Pop ]
Metroland (1997)
The Portrait of a Lady (1996)
[ Viggo Mortensen ][ John Malkovich ][ Richard E. Grant ][ Martin Donovan ][ John Gielgud ]
The Secret Agent (1996)
[ Robin Williams ][ Bob Hoskins ][ Jim Broadbent ][ Eddie Izzard ]
Pocahontas (1995)
[ Mel Gibson ][ Billy Connolly ][ David Ogden Stiers ][ Frank Welker ][ Jim Cummings ]
Little Women (1994)
[ Eric Stoltz ][ Gabriel Byrne ]
Prince of Jutland (1994)
[ Brian Cox ][ Gabriel Byrne ][ Andy Serkis ][ Tom Wilkinson ][ Ewen Bremner ]
Swing Kids (1993)
[ Kenneth Branagh ][ Noah Wyle ][ Robert Sean Leonard ][ Frank Whaley ][ Jeremy Bullock ]
Newsies (1992)
[ Robert Duvall ][ Bill Pullman ][ David Moscow ][ Max Casella ][ Luke Edwards ]
A Murder of Quality (1991)
[ Denholm Elliott ][ Joss Ackland ]
Treasure Island (1990)
[ Christopher Lee ][ Charlton Heston ][ Oliver Reed ][ Pete Postlethwaite ][ Julian Glover ]
Henry V (1989)
[ Kenneth Branagh ][ Robbie Coltrane ][ Ian Holm ][ Derek Jacobi ][ Brian Blessed ]
Empire of the Sun (1987)
[ Steven Spielberg ][ Ben Stiller ][ John Malkovich ][ Joe Pantoliano ][ John Williams ]
Mio min Mio (1987)
[ Christopher Lee ][ Timothy Bottoms ]
Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (1986)
[ Omar Sharif ][ Julian Glover ][ Rex Harrison ][ Edward Fox ][ Tim McInnerny ]


  • Hand-picked by director/writer Mary Harron and author Bret Easton Ellis to star in American Psycho (2000). Consequently, was noted by the media as the first star of American Psycho (2000), only to lose the part to Leonardo DiCaprio and then win it back again.
  • Is an excellent horseman and an avid reader.
  • He trained for 10 weeks in dancing and martial arts for the dance sequences in Newsies (1992) and Swing Kids (1993).
  • He has an uncanny ear for accents - he has used a different accent for each of his films to date.
  • Bale was handpicked by Winona Ryder for the coveted role of Laurie (Theodore Laurence) in Little Women (1994).
  • His father, David Bale, married feminist icon Gloria Steinem on September 3, 2000.
  • A devoted animal lover, Christian has two dogs [Mojo and Ramone] and three cats [Miriam, Molly, and Lilly], which are all strays that he found.
  • Christian is active in many organizations, including Ark Trust, Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Foundation, the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, the Redwings Sanctuary, and the Happy Child Mission, and a school for street kids in Rio De Janeiro.
  • His grandfather doubled for John Wayne in two movies, in Africa.
  • His first on-screen role was in 1983 at age 9 in a British commercial for Pac-Man cereal.
  • Born in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.
  • He replaced Leonardo DiCaprio for the film American Psycho (2000).
  • Stepson of feminist author Gloria Steinem
  • His father, David Bale, died on 30 December 2003, from brain lymphoma at the age of 62.
  • He was raised in England, Portugal and California.
  • His great-uncle, Rex Bale, was an actor.
  • His father was a former commercial pilot.
  • His mother was a former circus dancer.
  • He has three sisters: Erin Bale, a musician; Sharon Bale, a computer professional; and Louise Bale, a director/actress - she appeared in Newsies (1992).
  • His grandfather was a stand-up comic and children's entertainer.
  • Met his wife through Winona Ryder; she was Ryder's personal assistant.
  • With Batman Begins (2005), he has become the seventh actor to play Batman/Bruce Wayne in a live-action film.
  • Dropped an amazing 63 pounds for his role as the emaciated insomniac Trevor Reznik in the film Maquinista, El (2004) with only a single vitamin consultation with a nutritionist to guide him. For the most part, he only ate salads and apples, chewed gum, smoked cigarettes, and drank nonfat lattes.
  • Considered getting formal acting training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) when he was twenty, but decided to focus on working instead.
  • Has been in 2 versions of the John Smith/Pocahontas story. He provides the voice of Thomas in Pocahontas (1995) and plays John Rolfe in The New World (2005).
  • Turned down the opportunity to reprise the role of Patrick Bateman in the Roger Avary-directed The Rules of Attraction (2002).
  • His wife gave birth to the couple's first child, a girl. The baby was born 27 March, 2005 in Santa Monica, California.
  • In the "Fresh Air with Terry Gross" radio interview first aired June 13, 2005, he admitted to Gross that because Batman is "such an American icon", he had decided not to perform his promotional interviews for the movie Batman Begins (2005) in his natural mixed Welsh/British accent. He instead spoke to Gross in an almost-inflection less mid-American accent, only revealing his dialectic roots with a few words.
  • Has 3 older sisters: Erin, Sharon & Louise Bale'
  • Two of his most famous character's names have a difference of only one letter. Bateman and Batman.
  • Since a young age he was very ambitious about attending Drama School, and auditioned for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), and the Central School of Speech And Drama at the age of twenty. He was accepted to all, but was convinced by his parents to continue working instead. To this day, he regrets not attending drama school for his personal passion of learning his craft.
  • Auditioned for the role of Robin/Dick Grayson in Batman Forever (1995). About ten years later, he was cast as Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins (2005).
  • The nameplate on his trailer for Batman Begins (2005) read "Bruce Wayne" as opposed to Bale's name.
  • First non-American actor to portray Batman/Bruce Wayne.
  • Is the youngest actor to portray Batman.
  • Owned a home he shared with his sister, Louise Bale, in Manhattan Beach.
  • Before he played Batman in Batman Begins, his sister Louise played Batman's mother in The Death of Batman.
  • Auditioned for the role of Jack Dawson in Titanic (1997)

Naked Photos of Christian Bale are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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