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David Mamet
Birthday: November 30, 1947

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Height: 0' 0"

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Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet is one of a handful of American playwrights whose work has found almost as much success on the screen as it has on the stage. Noted for his spare, gritty work that reflects the hardened attitudes of his native Chicago and often revolves around domineering male characters and their macho posturing, Mamet has time and again spurred both discussion and controversy, inciting particularly angry reactions from feminists.Born in Chicago on November 30, 1947, Mamet studied at Vermont's Goddard College and the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre in New York. He returned to his hometown to found the St. Nicholas Theatre Company and also worked for a time as the artistic director of the famed Goodman Theatre. Mamet first earned acclaim in 1976 for a trio of Off-Off Broadway plays, The Duck Variations, Sexual Perversity in Chicago, and America Buffalo. The latter two works were later adapted for the screen, the first becoming About Last Night (1986, it was not adapted by Mamet), and the latter released in 1996 with a script by the playwright himself. Mamet began writing for the screen in 1981 with a re-make of The Postman Always Rings Twice, his script emphasizing the base sexuality and brutal violence of the material in a way that the original 1947 film could not. After winning a Pulitzer for his play Glengarry Glen Ross in 1984 (a damning indictment of American business practices, it was made into a film in 1992 with Mamet's own script), Mamet had his first true screen success as a screenwriter with Brian De Palma's The Untouchables in 1987. That same year, he earned further critical acclaim for his directorial debut, House of Games, a crime thriller starring Mamet's then-wife Lindsay Crouse as a psychologist caught up in an elaborate con game.After directing two more celebrated features, the (uncharacteristic) comedy Things Change (1988) and Homicide (1991), Mamet turned primarily to screenwriting (stepping back behind the camera to direct an adaptation of his controversial play Oleanna in 1994), giving voice to such films as Hoffa (1992), Malcolm X (1992), and Vanya on 42nd Street (1994). In 1997, his screenplay for Barry Levinson's political satire Wag the Dog earned Mamet both Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for Best Screenplay. That same year, he returned to directing with The Spanish Prisoner, a twisting, inventive thriller that had the added attraction of Steve Martin in an uncharacteristically dark performance.After writing the fairly unsuccessful The Edge (1997), an adventure drama starring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin, Mamet returned to the screen in 1999 with The Winslow Boy. Despite a radical change in material for Mamet — an Edwardian courtroom drama originally written by Terence Rattigan, it was worlds apart from the raw, foul-mouthed work to which Mamet owed his fame — it was widely embraced by the critics, and stood as a sizable testament to the playwright's versatility. If the subsequent State and Main didn't quite live up to expectations, Mamet could at least his screenplay for the popular Silence of the Lambs sequel Hannibal yielded a box office hit. The following year Mamet once again stepped behind the camera for the incisive crime drama Heist to moderate success. Embraced by crime buffs but largely ignored by the rest of the moviegoing public, Heist nevertheless offered memorable performances by such notable actors as Gene Hackman, Danny De Vito and Sam Rockwell. As the prolific writer/director became increasingly comfortable pulling duble duty, audiences eagerly anticipated the release of the political thriller Spartan in 2004.

Movie Credits
Joan of Bark: The Dog that Saved France (2007)
The Wall (2006)
[ Robert Patrick ][ Dennis Haysbert ][ Eric Balfour ][ Anson Mount ][ J. August Richards ]
Exposure (2006)
[ Robert Patrick ][ Dennis Haysbert ]
Unannounced (2006)
[ Robert Patrick ][ Dennis Haysbert ]
Eating the Young (2006)
[ Robert Patrick ][ Dennis Haysbert ]
Edmond (2005)
[ William H Macy ][ William H. Macy ][ Joe Mantegna ][ Jeffrey Combs ][ Dylan Walsh ]
Spartan (2004)
[ Val Kilmer ][ William H Macy ][ William H. Macy ][ Ed O'Neill ][ Aaron Stanford ]
Heist (2001)
[ Gene Hackman ][ Danny DeVito ][ Sam Rockwell ][ Delroy Lindo ][ Andrew Stevens ]
Hannibal (2001)
[ Gary Oldman ][ Anthony Hopkins ][ Ridley Scott ][ Ray Liotta ][ Hans Zimmer ]
State and Main (2000)
[ Philip Seymour Hoffman ][ Alec Baldwin ][ William H Macy ][ William H. Macy ][ Charles Durning ]
Lakeboat (2000)
[ Andy Garcia ][ Denis Leary ][ Joe Mantegna ][ Charles Durning ][ Robert Forster ]
The Winslow Boy (1999)
[ Jeremy Northam ]
Lansky (1999)
[ Richard Dreyfuss ][ Eric Roberts ][ Anthony Lapaglia ][ Ryan Merriman ][ Matthew Settle ]
Ronin (1998)
[ Robert De Niro ][ Sean Bean ][ Jean Reno ][ Stellan Skarsgård ][ Ron Jeremy ]
The Spanish Prisoner (1997)
[ Steve Martin ][ Ed O'Neill ][ Campbell Scott ][ Ben Gazzara ][ Clark Gregg ]
The Edge (1997)
[ Anthony Hopkins ][ Alec Baldwin ][ Harold Perrineau ]
Wag the Dog (1997)
[ Robert De Niro ][ Dustin Hoffman ][ William H Macy ][ William H. Macy ][ Denis Leary ]
American Buffalo (1996)
[ Dustin Hoffman ][ Dennis Franz ]
Oleanna (1994)
[ William H Macy ][ William H. Macy ]
Texan (1994)
[ William H Macy ][ William H. Macy ][ Treat Williams ][ Charles Durning ][ Brian Doyle-Murray ]
Vanya on 42nd Street (1994)
[ Wallace Shawn ][ George Gaynes ]
A Life in the Theater (1993)
[ Matthew Broderick ][ Jack Lemmon ]
Hoffa (1992)
[ Jack Nicholson ][ Danny DeVito ][ Jon Favreau ][ John C. Reilly ][ J.T. Walsh ]
Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)
[ Al Pacino ][ Kevin Spacey ][ Alec Baldwin ][ Ed Harris ][ Jack Lemmon ]
The Water Engine (1992)
[ Martin Sheen ][ William H Macy ][ William H. Macy ][ Treat Williams ][ Joe Mantegna ]
Homicide (1991)
[ William H Macy ][ William H. Macy ][ Ving Rhames ][ Joe Mantegna ]
Uncle Vanya (1991)
[ Ian Holm ][ David Warner ]
We're No Angels (1989)
[ Robert De Niro ][ Sean Penn ][ John C. Reilly ][ Wallace Shawn ][ Bruno Kirby ]
Things Change (1988)
[ William H Macy ][ William H. Macy ][ J.T. Walsh ][ Joe Mantegna ][ Don Ameche ]
House of Games (1987)
[ William H Macy ][ William H. Macy ][ J.T. Walsh ][ Joe Mantegna ]
The Untouchables (1987)
[ Robert De Niro ][ Sean Connery ][ Kevin Costner ][ Andy Garcia ][ Brian De Palma ]
About Last Night... (1986)
[ Rob Lowe ][ James Belushi ]
The Verdict (1982)
[ Bruce Willis ][ Paul Newman ][ James Mason ][ Sidney Lumet ][ Jack Warden ]
The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981)
[ Jack Nicholson ][ Christopher Lloyd ][ John Cho ][ Brion James ][ Michael Lerner ]
A Life in the Theater (1979)


  • Playwright/screenwriter
  • Well known for the rhythmic nature of his dialogue, he actually uses a metronome during rehearsals to perfect the actors' delivery of it.
  • Won the Pulitzer prize in Drama for "Glengary Glen Ross".
  • His stage work assayed in book entitled, "How Good is David Mamet, Anyway?" by critic John Heilpern, Dec.1999.
  • Attended Goddard College, Plainfield, VT with William H. Macy and Jonathan Katz.
  • Brother of Lynn Mamet.
  • 2 children with actress Rebecca Pidgeon: Clara and Noah.
  • Daughters with Lindsay Crouse: Willa and Zosia.
  • His play, Boston Marriage performed at the Donmar Warehouse and New Ambassador's Theatre in London, was nominated for a 2002 Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Best New Comedy of 2001.
  • Eschews using a personal computer to write his screen/plays preferring, instead, his old-fashioned typewriter
  • Used to work as a waiter at Second City Theater in Chicago.
  • Brother-in-law of Matthew Pidgeon.
  • Was twice nominated for Broadway's Tony Award as author of a Best Play nominee: in 1984 for "Glengarry Glen Ross," and in 1988 for "Speed-the-Plow."
  • Often either declines credit or uses a pseudonym if he is called upon only as a script doctor, or some films he doesn't direct. The only such film that credited him by name was Hannibal.
  • He wanted to be an actor as a young man but his attempts failed so he turned to writing and directing in order to keep him in the industry
  • Occasional co-lyricist for songs of his wife, Rebecca Pidgeon.

Naked Photos of David Mamet are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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