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James Cameron
Birthday: August 16, 1954

Birth Place: Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada
Height: 6' 2"

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The top action director of his generation, as well as one of the most notoriously demanding, James Cameron has made a mark on Hollywood with a string of mega-budget, mega-grossing films remarkable for their marriage of technical wizardry with human sentiment. Cameron's 1997's Titanic was the most successful demonstration of this coupling, becoming the highest-grossing film in history to that time and earning its director a glittering assortment of international awards.The son of an electrical engineer, Cameron was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada, on August 16, 1954. He was fascinated with movies from a young age and would later cite Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey as an early influence. Thanks to his father's job, Cameron and his family moved to southern California in 1971, and the director went on to study physics at California State University. Following his graduation, Cameron, who had already decided he wanted to pursue a film career, took a job as a truck driver to support his early screenwriting efforts. He received his first break at the hands of the legendary Roger Corman, who hired Cameron as a model maker at his Roger Corman Studios. There the director worked on his first movie, serving as art director for 1980's Battle Beyond the Stars. Thanks to a combination of skill and dedication, Cameron quickly moved up through the ranks, and the following year was appointed second unit director and production designer for the schlock-fest Galaxy of Terror. The same year, he made his inauspicious directorial and screenwriting debut with Piranha 2: The Spawning. Legend has it that Cameron had such a bad time filming the movie, shot entirely in Italy, that it gave him nightmares — the substance of which would inspire his breakthrough film, The Terminator (1984). A grim tale of a futuristic war between humankind and man-made machines, The Terminator was a huge success, giving Cameron both fame and power, along with stardom for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who would appear in numerous Cameron movies. After The Terminator, he scripted 1985's Rambo: First Blood Part II before going on to write and direct Aliens. The 1986 film, like its 1979 predecessor, was a critical and commercial success, and Cameron followed it in 1989 with another exploration of human and alien interaction in The Abyss. More noteworthy than the film's mixed reception were the stories about the process of making it. Tales of emotionally traumatized actors, an exceedingly demanding director, and often unbearable filming conditions (the film took place underwater) abounded: some crew members even made t-shirts that read, "Life's Abyss and Then You Dive." However, although the director's reputation may have suffered a bit, the film garnered him further acclaim, winning an Oscar for Best Special Effects. And, as a large portion of the planet was to find out eight years later, it was not the last time he would make a movie that took place in the water.Cameron next turned to writing and producing, working on 1991's Point Break, which was directed by then-wife Kathryn Bigelow (he had previously been married to producer Gale Anne Hurd, with whom he collaborated on numerous projects). The same year, he wrote, produced, and directed Terminator 2: Judgement Day and enjoyed further acclaim. The movie made an asteroid-sized splash at the box office and Cameron was hailed for its revolutionary special effects. His next directorial effort, 1994's True Lies, was another big-budget effort, costing over 100 million dollars; despite a promising opening weekend, it was not as great a success as many had predicted it would be. In addition to directing, Cameron acted as the film's producer and screenwriter, and cast favored collaborator Schwarzenegger in the lead role. After a producing and screenwriting stint on the 1995 Strange Days (directed by Bigelow, whom Cameron divorced after taking up with Terminator star Linda Hamilton), Cameron decided to take a break from making films about big men and bigger guns. Instead, he decided to make a movie about a big boat and a bigger piece of ice. The result was 1997's Titanic. The film was troubled from the beginning: by a budget of astronomical proportions (originally budgeted at 125 million dollars, it eventually cost at least 200 million dollars, with the director forfeiting much of his salary and gross percentage points to finance it); by onset mishaps, such as food being laced with PCP by an anonymous prankster; and by the difficulty of filming the actual Titanic wreck on the ocean floor. Yet it proved an unqualified success. A love story combined with remarkable special effects, Titanic drew a cross section of viewers, led by teenage girls. In addition to becoming the highest-grossing movie of all time, taking in over 600 million dollars in the U.S. alone, it received a record-tying 14 Oscar nominations, eventually winning 11. Upon receiving the film's Best Picture Oscar, after winning Best Director earlier in the evening, Cameron exulted "I'm the king of the world!" It was perhaps the most-quoted line from Titanic, thus making a permanent mark on television viewers, film enthusiasts, and incredulous media commentators everywhere.

Movie Credits
Battle Angel (2009)
The Dive (2008)
Avatar (2008)
Last Mysteries of the Titanic (2005)
Aliens of the Deep (2005)
Volcanoes of the Deep Sea (2003)
Ghosts of the Abyss (2003)
Expedition: Bismarck (2002)
Solaris (2002)
[ George Clooney ][ Jeremy Davies ][ Ulrich Tukur ]
Bag 'Em (2001)
[ John Savage ]
Designate This (2001)
[ John Savage ]
Meow (2001)
[ John Savage ][ William Gregory Lee ]
I and I Am a Camera (2001)
Pollo Loco (2001)
Titanic Explorer (1997)
[ Alexander Siddig ][ Tony Jay ]
Titanic (1997)
[ Leonardo Dicaprio ][ Bill Paxton ][ Billy Zane ][ Ioan Gruffudd ][ Victor Garber ]
Strange Days (1995)
[ Ralph Fiennes ][ Vincent D'Onofrio ][ Tom Sizemore ][ William Fichtner ][ Marilyn Manson ]
True Lies (1994)
[ Arnold Schwarzenegger ][ Bill Paxton ][ Charlton Heston ][ Art Malik ]
Point Break (1991)
[ Keanu Reeves ][ Patrick Swayze ][ Tom Sizemore ][ John C. McGinley ][ Gary Busey ]
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
[ Arnold Schwarzenegger ][ Edward Furlong ][ Michael Biehn ][ Robert Patrick ][ Xander Berkeley ]
Xenogenesis (1978)


  • Daughter, with Hamilton, Josephine Archer Cameron born. [15 February 1993]
  • Brother of Mike Cameron.
  • According to Cameron, he got his big break while doing pick-up shots for Galaxy of Terror (1981) as 2nd unit director. He was shooting scenes of a dismembered arm teeming with maggots (actually mealworms). In order to make them move, he hooked up an AC power cord to the arm, and an unseen assistant would plug it in when the film was rolling. Two producers were strolling through, and when Cameron yelled "Action!" the worms began to writhe on cue. When he yelled "Cut!" the worms stopped. The producers were so amazed at his directing prowess that they began talking with him about bigger projects.
  • His production company is 'Lightstorm Entertainment'.
  • One of the founders of visual effects company 'Digital Domain'.
  • While editing Titanic (1997) Cameron had a razor blade taped to the side of the editing computer with the instructions written underneath: "Use only if film sucks!"
  • Jokingly refers to Titanic (1997) as his 190 Million Dollar "Chick Flick".
  • First director to film both a 0 million (_Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)_ ) and a 0 million (Titanic (1997)) movie.
  • Cameron is in talks with RKK Energia and MirCorp to pay his way on board the Mir space station (or the ISS, should Mir be deorbited). He has been given the medical green light, and has already ridden aboard the Ilushin-76 jet used to train cosmonauts for space missions. [September 2000]
  • Daughter Claire, with wife Suzy Amis, born. [4 April 2001]
  • Has a stepdaughter, Lolita De Palma, from Gale Anne Hurd's marriage to Brian De Palma.
  • Has a stepson named Jasper, from Suzy Amis' marriage to Sam Robards.
  • Lost a plagiarism lawsuit brought by Harlan Ellison involving the movie The Terminator (1984). Newer prints of the film acknowledge Ellison.
  • Went to elementary school in Chippawa, Ontario.
  • His films frequently depict children in some kind of danger.
  • First wife Sharon Williams got just ,200 from Cameron in their divorce settlement.
  • The eldest of five children.
  • He has written a script for a film called Avatar. The script is 85 pages long and tells the story of Josh, a man who agrees of becoming a 'controller' on a distant planet populated by an alien race. However, the huge budget of 0 million grounded the project and it has yet to be produced (it would have boasted a photo-realistic CGI cast). This was one off the scripts on Empire Magazine's "Twelve Greatest Unproduced Scripts In Hollywood" list.
  • Security is provided by Gavin De Becker, author of "The Gift of Fear."
  • He and Suzy Amis are owners of Childspot!, an early childhood center in Wichita, Kansas which is operated by Suzy's sister, Rebecca Amis.
  • Wrote a screenplay for Spider-Man (2002) movie, but was turned down by the studios, due to the fact that his version of Spider-Man was "too violent". Sam Raimi's version got the green light instead.
  • Married one of his producers and two of his actresses.
  • Has made 4 films involving water: The Abyss (1989), Titanic (1997), Expedition: Bismarck (2002) (TV), and Ghosts of the Abyss (2003). His _Untitled James Cameron Project (2007)_ will be his 5th movie involving water.
  • His practice of testing his DPs by darkening the film originated on Aliens (1986). Cameron wanted to use a particular type of film stock, but cinematographer Dick Bush ignored him and used a different type. The end result being that the footage shot ended up being unusably dark. After Bush was fired due to an unrelated incident and Adrian Biddle took over, Cameron found some of the film in a storage cupboard and had the camera operators use it instead of the film Biddle had told them to use. Biddle noticed what was going on after the first take, and compensated with extra lighting, hoping to hide his "mistake" from Cameron, who owned up at the end of the day. Cameron later did the same to Mikael Salomon on The Abyss (1989) and to Russell Carpenter on True Lies (1994).
  • He is a huge Japanese anime fan, and the releasing studios often uses his opinion about the film on the DVD and VHS covers.
  • On the 14 March 2004 episode of "Inside the Actors Studio" (1994), Kate Winslet claimed her nude portrait for Leonardo DiCaprio in the Titanic (1997) was drawn by Cameron. She also said the artist's hand shown in a close-up was Cameron's.
  • The mandibles of the Predator from Predator (1987) were his idea.
  • One of only two people to have both written and directed an Alien movie. The other is Paul W.S. Anderson.
  • Co-created the newly high-definition video system with cinematographer Vince Pace that was recently used to film Ghosts of the Abyss (2003).
  • Got the nickname "Iron Jim" because of his stern, stubborn ways as a director.
  • A magazine article written about him in the 1980s described how he had three desks set up in his house. At one desk, he was writing the script to The Terminator (1984), on another, he was finishing the script to Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) and on the third, he was writing Aliens (1986).
  • Often uses a helicopter in his films.
  • When he wrote an early script treatment for Spider-Man (2002), he had the idea of organic web-shooters. This was later included in Sam Raimi's film.
  • Often employs composers Brad Fiedel and James Horner to score his films.
  • He has developed a new generation stereo imaging camera called "The Fusion Camera"
  • The titles of his two current theatrical documentaries contain the titles of two of his previous films; the title of his documentary "Ghosts of the Abyss" contains the title of his previous film "The Abyss", and the title of his other documentary "Aliens of the Deep" contains the title of another one of his previous films, "Aliens".
  • Member of the American Cinema Editors (ACE).
  • The October 1987 draft of the screenplay for Alien Nation (1988) credits a rewrite to James Cameron. He is not credited in the final film.
  • Drew the picture of Rose (Kate Winslet) in the movie, Titanic. The image was flipped so it would appear that Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) was drawing it with his right hand.

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