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Jay Mohr
Birthday: August 23, 1970

Birth Place: Verona, New Jersey, USA
Height: 5' 1"

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When Jay Mohr was a boy growing up in Verona, NJ, he dreamed of becoming a comedian. By the time he was a young adult, he had fulfilled that dream, first finding popularity in standup comedy and then making his way to television and feature films. Early in his career, he gained recognition for his uncanny and hilarious impressions, particularly for that of stony Christopher Walken. He made his television debut as part of the Not Ready for Prime Time Players on NBC's Saturday Night Live. While on the show, Mohr received an Emmy nomination for his work. After leaving SNL, Mohr began guest starring on other shows and landed regular parts on The Jeff Foxworthy Show and Local Heroes. For hosting the MTV network's Lip Service, Mohr won an Espy Award. He made his feature film debut in 1995, with The Barefoot Executive, but gained real recognition playing Tom Cruise's rival sports agent, Bob Sugar, in Jerry Maguire (1995). Following a nice-guy role in Picture Perfect (1997) and a turn as Ellen Burstyn's AIDS-stricken son in Playing By Heart (1998), Mohr had starring roles in two high-profile 1999 projects, the eagerly awaited but ultimately disappointing 200 Cigarettes and Doug Liman's acclaimed Go. In both films, Mohr acted as part of a Who's Who of Up-and-Comers cast, appearing as the man who screws over Kate Hudson in the former, and as a gay soap opera actor in the latter. The same year, he returned to his television roots with Action, a Fox show that featured him as a loathsome, foul-mouthed film executive. Despite rave reviews and a cult following, the show was given the axe by the network.After supporting roles in such high-profile box-office bombs as The Adventures of Pluto Nash and S1mone, Mohr took a couple more stabs at the small-screen. First he hosted the talk-show Mohr Sports on ESPN, which began airing in 2002. Then, in 2003, he served as both host and executive producer on NBC's Last Comic Standing, a reality show that attempted to find the funniest undiscovered stand-up comedian in America.In between a starring role in the sex-comedy Seeing Other People and several stand-up performances, Mohr spent much of 2004 promoting his first book, Gasping for Airtime.

Movie Credits
Lonely Street (2006)
[ Robert Patrick ][ Joe Mantegna ][ Ernie Hudson ][ Mike Starr ]
Community Service (2006)
Scarface: The World Is Yours (2006)
[ James Woods ][ Michael Rapaport ][ Cheech Marin ][ Michael York ][ Steven Bauer ]
The Groomsmen (2006)
[ John Leguizamo ][ Matthew Lillard ][ Edward Burns ][ Spencer Fox ]
Even Money (2006)
[ Tim Roth ][ Danny DeVito ][ Ray Liotta ][ Kelsey Grammer ][ Forest Whitaker ]
Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words (2005)
[ Fred Willard ][ Jack Plotnick ]
King's Ransom (2005)
[ Anthony Anderson ][ Donald Faison ][ Pharrell Williams ][ Charles Q. Murphy ][ Roger R. Cross ]
Are We There Yet? (2005)
[ Ice Cube ][ 50 Cent ][ Prince ][ M.C. Gainey ][ Tracy Morgan ]
Seeing Other People (2004)
[ Lauren Graham ][ Josh Charles ][ Andy Richter ][ Bryan Cranston ][ Mitch Morris ]
An Khe (2004)
[ Jesse Bradford ][ Terry O'Quinn ][ Philip Baker Hall ][ Brian Kerwin ]
The Warfare of Genghis Khan (2004)
[ Terry O'Quinn ]
Defense (2003)
Asslane (2003)
[ Peter Facinelli ][ Bill Bellamy ]
Offense (2003)
S1m0ne (2002)
[ Al Pacino ][ Jason Schwartzman ][ Elias Koteas ][ Benjamin Salisbury ][ Adrian R'Mante ]
The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)
[ Rosario Dawson ][ Eddie Murphy ][ Alec Baldwin ][ John Cleese ][ Joe Pantoliano ]
Black River (2001)
[ David Ogden Stiers ][ Stephen Tobolowsky ]
Speaking of Sex (2001)
[ Bill Murray ][ James Spader ][ Phil LaMarr ]
Pay It Forward (2000)
[ Kevin Spacey ][ Haley Joel Osment ][ James Caviezel ][ Jon Bon Jovi ][ Eugene Osment ]
Cherry Falls (2000)
[ Michael Biehn ][ Jesse Bradford ][ DJ Qualls ][ Gabriel Mann ]
He's Too Sexy for His Fat (2000)
Fifteen Minutes of Shame (2000)
[ Will Ferrell ]
Olive, the Other Reindeer (1999)
[ Joe Pantoliano ][ Dan Castellaneta ][ Diedrich Bader ][ Billy West ][ Peter MacNicol ]
Pilot (1999)
[ Ben Foster ][ Arnold Vosloo ][ Terry O'Quinn ][ Richard Schiff ][ Richard Burgi ]
Go (1999)
[ Breckin Meyer ][ Taye Diggs ][ Timothy Olyphant ][ William Fichtner ][ James Duval ]
200 Cigarettes (1999)
[ Ben Affleck ][ Casey Affleck ][ Paul Rudd ][ Dave Chappelle ][ Brian McCardie ]
Playing by Heart (1998)
[ Sean Connery ][ Ryan Phillippe ][ Dennis Quaid ][ Anthony Edwards ][ Jeremy Sisto ]
Jane Austen's Mafia! (1998)
[ Frank Welker ][ Vincent Pastore ][ Sherman Hemsley ][ Deep Roy ][ Joe Viterelli ]
Small Soldiers (1998)
[ Tommy Lee Jones ][ Tommy Lee ][ Christopher Guest ][ Denis Leary ][ Gregory Smith ]
Paulie (1998)
[ Tony Shalhoub ][ Cheech Marin ][ Bruce Davison ][ Matt Craven ][ Bill Cobbs ]
Picture Perfect (1997)
[ Kevin Bacon ][ Sean Patrick Thomas ][ Greg Grunberg ]
The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue (1997)
[ Brian Doyle-Murray ][ Danny Nucci ][ Eric Lloyd ][ Eddie Deezen ]
Suicide Kings (1997)
[ Christopher Walken ][ Sean Patrick Flanery ][ Denis Leary ][ Jeremy Sisto ][ Henry Thomas ]
Jerry Maguire (1996)
[ Tom Cruise ][ Jerry O'Connell ][ Eric Stoltz ][ Cuba Gooding Jr. ][ Elvis Presley ]
Moonstruck (1996)
He Ain't Heavy, He's a Bully (1996)
[ Haley Joel Osment ][ Jeff Foxworthy ]
DeeDee Day (1996)
Before You Say 'No' Just Hear Me Out (1996)
Mester Meister (1996)
Big Bad Stosh (1996)
Hometown Heroes (1996)
For Better or Worse (1996)
[ Haley Joel Osment ][ James Woods ][ Rip Torn ][ Rob Reiner ][ Jason Alexander ]
Eddie's Secret (1995)
The Barefoot Executive (1995)
[ Jason London ][ Chris Elliott ][ Edward Albert ][ Eddie Albert ][ Willie Garson ]


  • He is a frequent guest on the New York City drive-time radio show "Opie & Anthony", where he adds his own commentary on the bizarre in-studio happenings and of course throws in the occasional Christopher Walken impersonation.
  • Did a killer impersonation of Christopher Walken in a skit titled "Christopher Walken's Psychic Hotline" on "Saturday Night Live" (1975).
  • Has a tattoo on the inside of his bicep which is dated with the word "Will". This is in respect of his cousin Will who was killed by a drunk driver
  • His ex-wife, Nicole Chamberlain, is a former model who has developed a one-woman show, "Next!", about her experiences, particularly dealing with the audition process.
  • Jay Mohr is a frequent contributor to "The Jungle" a radio show hosted by Jim Rome. Jay's razor sharp takes and opinions have earned him the nickname "Slam Man" on the show. [August 2001]
  • He also hosts a first-of-its kind sports variety show, "Mohr Sports" (2002), which debuted on ESPN in April 2002. He offers his unique and humorous insights on the world of sports in front of a live studio audience. The 30-minute weekly show features a timely, sports-themed comedy monologue, followed by interviews with athletes and entertainment personalities, remote segments and musical performances.
  • Called "Saturday Night Live" (1975) "a constant struggle to get on camera".
  • Has a son together with wife Nicole Chamberlain.
  • Born on the same day as River Phoenix.
  • Suffers from stage fright
  • Engaged to Nikki Cox [February 3, 2006].

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