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Jesus Franco
Birthday: May 12, 1930

Birth Place: Madrid, Spain
Height: 0' 0"

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Jesus Franco. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@actorsofhollywood.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.



He was only 6 years old when he started composing music under the protection of his brother Enrique. After the Spanish Civil War, he was able to continue his studies at the Real Conservatorio de Madrid, where he finished piano and harmony. Being a Bachelor of Law and a easy-read novel writer (under the pseudonym David Khume), he signed on to enter the Instituto de Investigaciones y Experiencias Cinematográicas (IIEC), where he was only for two years, while he worked simultaneously as a director and theatre actor. Later, he went to Paris to study directing techniques at the I.D.H.E.C. (University of Sorbonne), where he used to go into seclusion during hours to watch films at the film archive. Back to Spain, he started his huge cinematographic work as a composer, with Cómicos (1954) and Hombre que viajaba despacito, El (1957), and later worked as an assistant director to Juan Antonio Bardem, León Klimovsky, Luis Saslavsky, Julio Bracho, Fernando Soler and Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent, among others. He also worked at Ágata Films S.A. [es] as production manager and writer. His first works as a director were industrial and cultural short films. However, he soon applied all his knowledge and experience to direct his first feature film: Tenemos 18 años (1959). From that moment on, all his work was supported by co-production. His film Necronomicon - Geträumte Sünden (1968) was nominated for the Festival of Berlin, and this event gave him an international projection. His career got more and more consolidated as the years passed by with his endless creativity, tackling all kind of genres, from B series horror films to pure hardcore sex films. His productions have always been low-budget, but, nevertheless, Jesús managed to work extraordinarily quickly, even releasing several titles at the same time, with the use of the same shots in more than one film. Some of his actors remember that they were hired for one film and saw later their name in two more different ones. As the Spanish cinema evolved, Jesús managed to adapt to the new circumstances and always maintained a constant activity, activity that gave a place in his films to a whole filming crew. Apart from his own production company, Manacoa Films [es], he also worked for production companies like Auster Films S.L. [es] (Paul Auster), Cinematográfica Fénix Films [es] (Arturo Marcos), Comptoir Français du Film [fr] (Robert de Nesle), Eurociné [fr] (Daniel and Marius Lesoeur), Elite Films Productions (Erwin C. Dietrich), Fervi Films [es] (Fernando Vidal Campos) or Golden Films Internacional S.A. [es]. He acted in almost all of his films, performing the roles of music men, lawyers, porters, all of them sinister, maniac and comic characters, and using, apart from the names Jesús Franco, Jess Franco or Franco Manera, many pseudonyms (reaching the point of using the name of other people in the credits): Jess Frank, Robert Zimmerman, Frank Hollman, Clifford Brown, David Khune, Frarik Hollman, Toni Falt, James P. Johnson, Charlie Christian, David Tough, Cady Coster, Lennie Hayden, Lulú Laverne, Betty Carter... The actress Lina Romay has been almost a constant in his films, and it's very probable that in some of them she has been credited as the director instead of him. In the main bulk of his directed films (more than 180) he has also worked in one or more of the following roles: composer, writer, cinematographer, editor. Jesús's influence has been notable all over Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Portugal...). He even contacted Roger Corman in the USA. From his huge work we can deduce that Jesús Franco is one of the most restless directors of Spanish cinema. Many of his films have had problems to be released, and some others have been made directly for video. His work is a craftmanship work, a do-it-yourself work. More than once his staunch supporters have found re-editings from an older film, as well as modifications and mixes of scenes, scenarios..., and some of his titles have become cult films. Jesús Franco is a survivor in a time when most of his colleagues tried to please the government administration. He broke up with all that and got the independence he was searching. He always went upstream in an ephemeral industry that fed opportunists and curb the activity of many professionals. But time doesn't pass in vain, and Jesus' production has diminished since the 90s.

Movie Credits
Snakewoman (2005)
Flores de la pasión (2005)
Flores de perversión (2005)
Killer Barbys vs. Dracula (2002)
Incubus (2002)
Vampire Junction (2001)
Blind Target (2000)
Helter Skelter (2000)
Broken Dolls (1999)
Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell (1999)
Red Silk (1999)
Vampire Blues (1999)
Tender Flesh (1998)
Lust for Frankenstein (1998)
Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula in 8 Legs to Love You (1998)
Killer Barbys (1996)
Ciudad Baja (Downtown Heat) (1994)
[ Mike Connors ]
Abuelo, la condesa y Escarlata la traviesa, El (1992)
À la poursuite de Barbara (1991)
Bahía esmeralda, La (1989)
[ George Kennedy ][ Robert Forster ]
Chute des aigles, La (1989)
[ Christopher Lee ][ Mark Hamill ]
Dark Mission (Operación cocaína) (1988)
[ Christopher Lee ]
Faceless (1988)
[ Telly Savalas ][ Helmut Berger ]
Falo Crest (1987)
Phollastía (1987)
Chicas del tanga, Las (1987)
Lago de las vírgenes, El (1987)
Esclavas del crimen (1987)
Entre pitos anda el juego (1986)
Mirón y la exhibicionista, El (1986)
Ojete de Lulú, El (1986)
Orgasmo perverso (1986)
Bragueta historia (1986)
Chica de los labios rojos, La (1986)
Para las nenas, leche calentita (1986)
Sida, la peste del siglo XX (1986)
Tribulaciones de un Buda Bizco, Las (1986)
Últimas de Filipinas, Las (1986)
Amazones du temple d'or, Les (1986)
Chuponas, Las (1986)
Sola ante el terror (1986)
Hombre que mató a Mengele, El (1985)
Sombra del judoka contra el doctor Wong, La (1985)
Una de chinos (1985)
Viaje a Bangkok, ataúd incluido (1985)
Chupete de Lulú, El (1985)
Mansión de los muertos vivientes, La (1985)
Pito para tres, Un (1985)
Juego sucio en Casablanca (1985)
Bangkok, cita con la muerte (1985)
Esclava blanca, La (1985)
Rajita para dos, Una (1984)
Lilian (la virgen pervertida) (1984)
Siniestro doctor Orloff, El (1984)
¿Cuánto cobra un espía? (1984)
Mil sexos tiene la noche (1984)
Historia sexual de O (1984)
Camino solitario (1984)
Asesino llevaba medias negras, El (1984)
Bahía blanca (1984)
Casa de las mujeres perdidas, La (1983)
Confesiones íntimas de una exhibicionista (1983)
Tesoro de la diosa blanca, El (1983)
Tumba de los muertos vivientes, La (1983)
Noche de los sexos abiertos, La (1983)
Botas negras, látigo de cuero (1983)
Blues de la calle Pop (Aventuras de Felipe Malboro, volumen 8), Los (1983)
En busca del dragón dorado (1983)
Sangre en mis zapatos (1983)
Voces de muerte (1983)
Macumba sexual (1983)
Hotel de los ligues, El (1983)
Gemidos de placer (1983)
Cecilia (1982)
Huésped de la niebla, El (1982)
Orgías inconfesables de Emmanuelle, Las (1982)
Revenge in the House of Usher (1982)
Aberraciones sexuales de una mujer casada (1981)
Chicas de Copacabana, Las (1981)
Sadomania - Hölle der Lust (1981)
Säge des Todes, Die (1981)
Abîme des morts vivants, L' (1981)
Sexo está loco, El (1981)
Chica de las bragas transparentes, La (1981)
Linda (1981)
Sexo caníbal (1980)
Mondo cannibale (1980)
Eugenie (Historia de una perversión) (1980)
Ópalo de fuego: Mercaderes del sexo (1980)
Sinfonía erótica (1980)
Je brûle de partout (1979)
Éventreur de Notre-Dame, L' (1979)
Cocktail spécial (1978)
Convoi de filles (1978)
Elles font tout (1978)
Ruf der blonden Göttin, Der (1977)
Frauen im Liebeslager (1977)
Frauenhaus, Das (1977)
Liebesbriefe einer portugiesischen Nonne, Die (1977)
Greta - Haus ohne Männer (1977)
Frauen für Zellenblock 9 (1977)
Frauen ohne Unschuld (1977)
Weiße Haut und schwarze Schenkel (1976)
Noche de los asesinos, La (1976)
Jack the Ripper (1976)
[ Klaus Kinski ]
Mädchen im Nachtverkehr (1976)
Emmerdeuses, Les (1976)
Midnight Party (1976)
Marquise von Sade, Die (1976)
Sklavinnen, Die (1976)
Teuflischen Schwestern, Die (1976)
Une cage dorée (1976)
Chatouilleuses, Les (1975)
Nuits brûlantes de Linda, Les (1975)
Jouisseur, Le (1975)
Des diamants pour l'enfer (1975)
Downtown - Die nackten Puppen der Unterwelt (1975)
Frauengefängnis (1975)
Justine (1975)
Marque de Zorro, La (1975)
Shining Sex (1975)
Kiss Me Killer (1974)
Possédées du diable, Les (1974)
Célestine, bonne à tout faire (1974)
Capitán de quince años, Un (1974)
Plaisir à trois (1974)
Quartier de femmes (1974)
Comtesse perverse, La (1974)
Christina, princesse de l'érotisme (1973)
Journal intime d'une nymphomane, Le (1973)
Al otro lado del espejo (1973)
Avaleuses, Les (1973)
Gloutonnes, Les (1973)
Maciste contre la reine des Amazones (1973)
Misterio del castillo rojo, El (1973)
Ojos siniestros del doctor Orloff, Los (1973)
Relax Baby (1973)
Tendre et perverse Emanuelle (1973)
Démons, Les (1972)
Ebranlées, Les (1972)
Expériences érotiques de Frankenstein, Les (1972)
Fille de Dracula, La (1972)
Silencio de tumba, Un (1972)
Dr. M schlägt zu (1972)
Drácula contra Frankenstein (1972)
Muerto hace las maletas, El (1972)
Robinson und seine wilden Sklavinnen (1972)
Jungfrauen-Report (1972)
Sie tötete in Ekstase (1971)
X312 - Flug zur Hölle (1971)
Vampyros lesbos (1971)
Teufel kam aus Akasava, Der (1971)
Eugenie (1970)
[ Christopher Lee ]
Count Dracula (1970)
[ Christopher Lee ][ Klaus Kinski ][ Herbert Lom ]
Trono di fuoco, Il (1970)
[ Christopher Lee ]
Cauchemars naissent la nuit, Les (1970)
Eugénie (1970)
Juliette (1970)
Sex Charade (1970)
Paroxismus (1969)
[ Klaus Kinski ]
Küß mich, Monster (1969)
Folterkammer des Dr. Fu Man Chu, Die (1969)
[ Christopher Lee ]
Marquis de Sade: Justine (1969)
[ Jack Palance ][ Klaus Kinski ]
Caso de las dos bellezas, El (1969)
99 mujeres (1969)
[ Herbert Lom ]
The Seven Secrets of Sumuru (1969)
[ George Sanders ]
The Blood of Fu Manchu (1968)
[ Christopher Lee ]
Necronomicon - Geträumte Sünden (1968)
Lucky, el intrépido (1967)
Cartes sur table (1966)
Miss Muerte (1966)
Residencia para espías (1966)
Muerte silba un blues, La (1964)
Secreto del Dr. Orloff, El (1964)
Rififí en la ciudad (1963)
Llanero, El (1963)
Gritos en la noche (1962)
Mano de un hombre muerto, La (1962)
Vampiresas 1930 (1962)
Reina del Tabarín, La (1960)
Destierro del Cid, El (1960)
Estampas guipuzcoanas número 2: Pío Baroja (1960)
Labios rojos (1960)
Oro español (1959)
Playas vacías, Las (1959)
Tenemos 18 años (1959)
Árbol de España, El (1957)


  • Uncle of Javier Marías.
  • In the 1970s, Franco, along with Luis Buñuel, was declared one of the most dangerous filmmakers for Catholics by the Catholic Church. On knowing this, Buñuel got interested in meeting Franco, and told so to his frequent collaborator Jean-Claude Carrière, who was at that moment developing a script with Franco. Carrière introduced both directors each other.
  • Uncle of Ricardo Franco.
  • Openly despises his own movies and claims he doesn't think he has ever made a good film, and what he would really like is to have made Citizen Kane (1941) or The Grapes of Wrath (1940) or something like the films of Stanley Donen or Vincente Minnelli.
  • Despite disliking rap, in 2003 he recorded the spoken intro (titled "Ten Cuidado Hermano") for the album "Supervillanos de Alquiler" by Spanish Hip-Hop band Hablando en Plata.
  • One of the secrets of his success is his reputation for completing projects on time and within the budget. This usually gives him the directorial freedom to do whatever he wants.

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