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John Matuszak
Birthday: October 25, 1950

Birth Place: Oak Creek, Wisconsin, USA
Height: 6' 8"

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During his first professional "life," Wisconsin-born John Matuszak was a football player. Actually, that's an understatement: as Houston's number one pick in the 1973 NFL draft, as a wildly unpredictable defensive lineman for the Raiders, and as a veteran of two Super Bowls, Matuszak was a FOOTBALL PLAYER. Like many of his calling, Matuszak decided to try the movies, beginning with a good part in the football-oriented North Dallas Forty (1979). In his case, acting "took," and Matuszak became a successful film and TV performer after his 1982 retirement from professional sports, playing character roles in fantasy films like Ice Pirates (1984) and Goonies (1986) and making regular appearances on the TV series Hollywood Beat and First and Ten. Sadly, John Matuszak died suddenly in 1989 at the age of 38.

Movie Credits
Down the Drain (1990)
[ Jerry Mathers ]
The Princess and the Dwarf (1989)
[ Warwick Davis ][ Richard Kiel ][ Dom DeLuise ]
Ghost Writer (1989)
[ Jeff Conaway ]
One Man Force (1989)
[ Corey Michael Eubanks ]
A Plain Path (1988)
The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission (1988)
[ Ernest Borgnine ][ Telly Savalas ][ Ernie Hudson ][ Jeff Conaway ][ Erik Estrada ]
P.K. and the Kid (1987)
[ Alex Rocco ]
One Crazy Summer (1986)
[ John Cusack ][ Jeremy Piven ][ Bob Goldthwait ][ Curtis Armstrong ][ Mark Metcalf ]
Charlie Barnett's Terms of Enrollment (1986)
[ Cheech Marin ][ Richard Belzer ][ Andrew Dice Clay ][ Keith Gordon ]
Command 5 (1985)
[ William Russ ][ Wings Hauser ][ Bruce Abbott ]
The Goonies (1985)
[ Steven Spielberg ][ Sean Astin ][ Corey Feldman ][ Joe Pantoliano ][ Josh Brolin ]
The Ice Pirates (1984)
[ Ron Perlman ][ Max von Sydow ][ Ian Abercrombie ]
Caveman (1981)
[ Dennis Quaid ][ Ringo Starr ][ Carl Lumbly ]
North Dallas Forty (1979)
[ Nick Nolte ][ Charles Durning ][ Dabney Coleman ]


  • Ex-football player turned actor.
  • Autobiography: "Cruisin' With The Tooz."
  • Former defensive end for the Oakland Raiders.
  • Competed in the 1978 World's Strongest Man Competition weighing 308 lbs.
  • Hard-driving athlete who lived life in the fast lane.
  • Attended the University of Tampa.
  • He died of heart failure allegedly due to his long term use of steroid drugs. He was buried in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • As Sloth in _Goonies, The (1985) , his make-up took five hours to complete. One of the eyes (which was out of place on the face) was mechanically operated off-screen by remote control. He had to time his blinking to match the blinks of the robotic eye. A crew-member would countdown from three, two, one and tell him to blink. The cast was told not to get him wet in scenes outside of the pirate ship, but the kids inadvertently did so, holding up filming for an entire day. In the scene where Chunk and Sloth head down through the grate to follow the gang and the Fratelli's, you can see that Sloth is wearing an Oakland Raiders T-Shirt. Matuszak was a former Oakland Raiders football player.
  • Was originally drafted by the Houston Oilers in 1973

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