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Jon Heder
Birthday: October 26, 1977

Birth Place: Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Height: 6' 1"

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Jon Heder was studying 3-D animation at Brigham Young University when he met Jared Hess, the director who would make him a familiar face. Hess cast Heder in his short film Peluca, and then in his full-length feature film Napoleon Dynamite. At 27, Heder had never appeared in a movie before, but the surprise success of the film gave him instant notoriety. Napoleon Dynamite was a quirky, low-budget comedy about a nerdy high-schooler in an outdated small town in rural Idaho. Heder's dead-on characterization struck a chord with audiences and the small, independent film became a huge hit, raking in over 44 million dollars and winning the MTV Movie Award for Best Movie. Heder personally took home two awards from the ceremony himself, one for Breakthrough Male Performance, and one for Best Musical Performance, for his election dance. Heder took a role in the Reese Witherspoon romantic comedy Just Like Heaven the next year, playing the slacker sidekick Darryl. He had an obvious knack for comedy, and so for his next project he starred alongside David Spade and Rob Schneider in The Benchwarmers. The movie was about a few loser friends who decide to form a three-man baseball team and play against Little Leaguers, hoping to get back the respect they lost as kids. Heder also lent his voice to the animated film Monster House and signed on to appear in the Todd Phillips remake of School for Scoundrels.

Movie Credits
Surf's Up (2007)
[ Jeff Bridges ][ James Woods ][ Shia LaBeouf ][ Michael McKean ][ Brian Benben ]
Blades of Glory (2007)
[ Will Ferrell ][ William Fichtner ][ Craig T Nelson ][ Craig T. Nelson ][ William Daniels ]
Moving McAllister (2007)
[ Rutger Hauer ][ William Mapother ][ Geoffrey Lewis ][ Billy Drago ]
Mama's Boy (2006)
[ Jeff Daniels ]
School for Scoundrels (2006)
[ Ben Stiller ][ Billy Bob Thornton ][ Michael Clarke Duncan ][ David Cross ][ Todd Phillips ]
Monster House (2006)
[ Steven Spielberg ][ Jason Lee ][ Steve Buscemi ][ Kevin James ][ Nick Cannon ]
The Benchwarmers (2006)
[ Rob Schneider ][ David Spade ][ Jon Lovitz ][ William Daniels ][ Lochlyn Munro ]
Just Like Heaven (2005)
[ Mark Ruffalo ][ David Bowie ][ Robert Davi ][ Willie Garson ][ Iggy Pop ]
Tankman Begins (2005)
[ Christian Bale ][ Andy Dick ]
Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
[ Diedrich Bader ][ Jon Gries ][ Aaron Ruell ][ Efren Ramirez ][ Trevor Snarr ]
Peluca (2003)
The Wrong Brother (2000)
Funky Town (2000)


  • He is a graduate of South Salem High School, Salem, Oregon.
  • He has a twin brother, Daniel, 3 other brothers and an oldest sister.
  • Attends Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. [2004]
  • He is heavily into 70s clothes, music, etc.
  • Loves "Futurama" (1999) and Led Zeppelin.
  • When he was "Punk'd" (2003), his twin brother Dan and close friend Darren E. were the accomplices.
  • Grew up in a family of six children
  • His father is an MD in practice in West Salem, Oregon whose office sports a large poster of Jon in Napoleon Dynamite.
  • Speaks fluent Japanese.
  • Auditioned for Zathura.
  • A stock photo of Jon appears on the box cover of Screenlife's "Quip It!" board game. According to Screenlife, "The image on the font of the Quip It! game box was picked from a variety of stock model photos because it best captured the attitude of this fun, irreverent game. Surprisingly, at the time the image was selected, the design team did not know the image was Jon Heder. That just happens to be an ironic twist since the image was selected merely to convey the reaction people get when they see the visual puzzles and read out Quips during the game."
  • Spent two years in Japan on the traditional proselytizing mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • His father Jim is the older brother of WCAU sportscaster Vai Sikahema's wife, Keala.

Naked Photos of Jon Heder are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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