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Michael Ontkean
Birthday: January 24, 1946

Birth Place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Height: 0' 0"

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A ruggedly handsome Canadian actor whose somewhat imposing frame makes him ideal for authority figures, Michael Ontkean has been appearing in film and television since the early '70s. Though having actors for parents may not necessarily be a surefire sign that one will enter into the entertainment industry, the support and encouragement afforded to young Ontkean was key in building early confidence and skill. Ontkean was a mere four years old when he made his stage debut in his father's repertory company, and in addition to taking the stage at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, he became a popular child star thanks to television roles in such series as Hudson's Bay. Aside from his ambitions as an actor, Ontkean also showed athletic prowess as a hockey player — he won a scholarship to the University of New Hampshire and played on their team for three seasons. Little did he know that his skills on the ice would eventually come into play in front of the camera as well. His popularity eventually reached beyond the Canadian border when Ontkean gained stateside notice as a key player in the 1972 series The Rookies. Soon thereafter, Ontkean's featured role in the hockey comedy Slap Shot impressed audiences by showing that the up-and-comer could hold his own alongside such heavies as Paul Newman. Through the 1980s, Ontkean's career maintained an even keel with such moderately successful features as Just the Way You Are (1984) and Maid to Order (1987). In 1990 he returned to television to great effect with his role as Sheriff Harry S. Truman in David Lynch's acclaimed series Twin Peaks. The show provided Ontkean's career with something of a revival, and after he appeared in a minor capacity in Postcards From the Edge (1990), a series of television roles kept the versatile actor busy throughout the decade. Ontkean became somewhat lost in the shuffle in the late '90s, but his performance in the child-friendly made-for-television feature Mrs. Ashboro's Cat (2003) proved that the screen veteran still had what it took to charm on the small screen.

Movie Credits
Ties That Bind (2004)
[ Christopher McDonald ]
Burned (2004)
[ Christopher McDonald ]
Pilot (2004)
[ David Faustino ][ Mick Jagger ][ Aaron Spelling ][ David Paymer ][ Shaun Cassidy ]
Mrs. Ashboro's Cat (2003)
A Killing Spring (2002)
[ Zachery Ty Bryan ]
Bear with Me (2000)
[ Alan Thicke ]
Green Sails (2000)
[ Thomas Kretschmann ]
Just a Little Harmless Sex (1999)
[ Jonathan Silverman ][ Keith Coogan ]
A Chance of Snow (1998)
[ Charles Durning ]
Summer of the Monkeys (1998)
[ Wilford Brimley ]
Nico the Unicorn (1998)
[ Kevin Zegers ]
New Lease (1997)
Swann (1996)
The Stepford Husbands (1996)
The Man Next Door (1996)
Family Album (1994)
[ Brian Krause ][ John Waters ][ Joel Gretsch ][ Joe Flanigan ]
Seers & Clowns (1994)
Vendetta II: The New Mafia (1993)
[ Eli Wallach ][ Burt Young ]
Whose Child Is This? The War for Baby Jessica (1993)
Rapture (1993)
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992)
[ Kiefer Sutherland ][ David Lynch ][ Kyle MacLachlan ][ Harry Dean Stanton ][ Miguel Ferrer ]
Legacy of Lies (1992)
[ Martin Landau ][ Eli Wallach ][ Joe Morton ]
In a Child's Name (1991)
[ James Cromwell ][ Christopher Meloni ]
Episode #2.22 (1991)
[ Kyle MacLachlan ][ Russ Tamblyn ][ Everett McGill ][ Don S. Davis ][ Dan O'Herlihy ]
Episode #2.20 (1991)
[ Kyle MacLachlan ][ Don S. Davis ][ Carel Struycken ][ Dan O'Herlihy ]
Episode #2.19 (1991)
[ Billy Zane ][ Kyle MacLachlan ][ Ted Raimi ][ Don S. Davis ]
Episode #2.18 (1991)
[ Billy Zane ][ Kyle MacLachlan ]
In Defense of a Married Man (1990)
[ Jerry Orbach ][ Johnny Galecki ]
Postcards from the Edge (1990)
[ Dennis Quaid ][ Gene Hackman ][ Richard Dreyfuss ][ Rob Reiner ][ Oliver Platt ]
Cold Front (1989)
[ Martin Sheen ][ Kim Coates ]
Street Justice (1989)
Bye Bye Blues (1989)
Yes We Can (1989)
Clara's Heart (1988)
[ Neil Patrick Harris ][ Spalding Gray ][ Bob Marley ]
Maid to Order (1987)
[ Tom Skerritt ][ Raymond Cruz ][ Dick Shawn ][ Jason Beghe ]
The Allnighter (1987)
[ John Terlesky ]
The Right of the People (1986)
[ Billy Dee Williams ][ M. Emmet Walsh ]
Kids Don't Tell (1985)
[ Joaquin Phoenix ][ Jaleel White ]
Just the Way You Are (1984)
[ Robert Carradine ][ Timothy Daly ]
Sang des autres, Le (1984)
[ Sam Neill ][ John Vernon ]
Making Love (1982)
[ Harry Hamlin ][ Michael Dudikoff ][ John Calvin ]
Summer (1981)
Willie and Phil (1980)
[ Laurence Fishburne ][ Tom Noonan ]
Voices (1979)
[ Alex Rocco ][ Joseph Cali ]
Slap Shot (1977)
[ Paul Newman ][ M. Emmet Walsh ][ Paul Dooley ][ Strother Martin ][ Boy George ]
The Authentic Death of Billy Stomper (1974)
Trial by Doubt (1974)
Three Hours to Kill (1973)
Girls on the Road (1973)
Concrete Valley, Neon Sky (1972)
Necromancy (1972)
[ Orson Welles ]
Pickup on 101 (1972)
[ Martin Sheen ][ Jack Albertson ]
The Rookies (1972)
[ Darren McGavin ][ Aaron Spelling ]
The Peace Killers (1971)
Bayou Boy: Part 1 (1971)
The Boy from Dead Man's Bayou (1971)
Stubborn Pioneer (1957)
Powder Keg (1957)
The Servant (1957)


  • Mother: Muriel, father: Leonard, sister: Sheri
  • Elementary School: St. Michael's Choir School and Holy Rosary School
  • High School: St. Michael's College School (Toronto)
  • University: University of New Hampshire (1970)
  • Sports: Skilled hockey player (won University hockey scholarship) Inducted into the UNH Athletic Council Hall of Fame
  • Early Credits: Boy actor in Toronto (various appearances on CBC
  • Television from (1953-1962) Newspaper Delivery Boy: Toronto Telegram (1957-58)
  • Was great fan of "Twilight Zone" as a boy
  • Has two daughters with wife Jamie Smith Jackson.
  • Played Right Wing for the University of New Hampshire ice hockey team for 3 seasons (1966-1967 thru 1968-1969). career totals were 63 goals, 48 assists, 118 points and 44 penalty minutes in 85 games.

Naked Photos of Michael Ontkean are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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