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Nicholas Hammond
Birthday: May 15, 1950

Birth Place: Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Height: 0' 0"

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Nicholas was born on 15th May, 1950 in Washington DC. His father Col Thomas W. Hammond and mother (actress Eileen Bennett) married in 1945 and already had one son, David (born in Paris in 1946).When Nicholas was 6 years old the family moved to Europe. In 1959 his mother took him to see the musical "My Fair Lady" (with Julie Andrews) on stage in London. After seeing this show Nicholas decided he wanted to be an actor. The family returned to the US when Nicholas was 10 years old. He landed his first part (a small role in movie "The Lord of the Flies) short after that.Nicholas appeared on Broadway and on television before he got the role of Friedrich in the hit movie "The Sound of Music".Nicholas went Australia in the mid 80s for a private visit but also took some roles while he was there. After a year, he realized he liked living in Australia and decided to stay. He now has dual citizenship and lives in Sydney where he still works as an actor, screenwriter and director.

Movie Credits
Second Chance: Part 3 (2005)
Second Chance: Part 2 (2005)
Second Chance: Part 1 (2005)
Stealth (2005)
[ Josh Lucas ][ Jamie Foxx ][ David Bowie ][ Robert Davi ][ Wentworth Miller ]
The Saviour (2005)
Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure (2005)
[ John Terry ][ Julian Garner ]
'Salem's Lot (2004)
[ Donald Sutherland ][ Rob Lowe ][ Stephen King ][ Rutger Hauer ][ James Cromwell ]
The Rage in Placid Lake (2003)
Terra Firma (2003)
Episode #3.5 (2001)
Episode #3.1 (2001)
Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story (2001)
[ Ben Mendelsohn ][ Nathan Phillips ][ Jerome Ehlers ][ Frank Gallacher ]
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001)
[ Paul Hogan ][ George Hamilton ][ Rick Gonzalez ][ Mike Tyson ]
On the Beach (2000)
[ Armand Assante ][ Bryan Brown ]
Episode dated 23 October 2000 (2000)
Episode dated 16 October 2000 (2000)
13 Gantry Row (1998)
[ John Adam ][ Mark Gerber ]
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1997)
[ Michael Caine ][ Patrick Dempsey ][ Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje ][ Richard Crenna ][ Michael Gross ]
Paradise Road (1997)
Monkey Island (1996)
Frauds (1993)
[ Hugo Weaving ][ Phil Collins ]
The Feds: Terror (1993)
Irresistible Force (1993)
[ Stacy Keach ][ Paul Winfield ][ Jerome Ehlers ]
Frankie's House (1992)
[ Kevin Dillon ][ Stephen Dillane ][ Iain Glen ]
Pilot (1990)
[ Giovanni Ribisi ][ Abraham Benrubi ][ Justin Whalin ][ Don S. Davis ]
Beyond My Reach (1990)
Trouble in Paradise (1989)
[ Peter Firth ]
Cobra nero 2 (1988)
[ Fred Williamson ]
Emerald City (1988)
The Tempest (1983)
[ Efrem Zimbalist Jr. ]
The Adventures of Pollyanna (1982)
Penultimate Questions (1982)
Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge (1979)
[ Ted Danson ]
Spider-Man Strikes Back (1978)
Yes Nicholas, There Is a Santa Claus: Part 2 (1977)
The Amazing Spider-Man (1977)
[ Stan Lee ]
Superdad (1976)
[ Bob Crane ][ Ed Begley Jr. ]
Law of the Land (1976)
[ Don Johnson ][ Charles Martin Smith ][ Dana Elcar ][ Andrew Prine ][ Grant Goodeve ]
Sorority Kill (1974)
[ Michael Margotta ]
Double Solitaire (1974)
[ Richard Crenna ][ Harold Gould ]
Women for Sale: Part 2 (1973)
Women for Sale: Part 1 (1973)
[ James Whitmore ]
Superdad (1973)
[ Kurt Russell ][ Bruno Kirby ][ Bob Crane ][ Ed Begley Jr. ][ Dick Van Patten ]
Outrage (1973)
[ Robert Culp ][ Don Stark ]
Skyjacked (1972)
[ Charlton Heston ][ James Brolin ][ John Hillerman ][ John Fiedler ][ Claude Akins ]
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones (1971)
[ Tom Bosley ][ McLean Stevenson ][ Desi Arnaz Jr. ]
Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me (1971)
[ Raul Julia ][ Bruce Davison ]
The Sound of Music (1965)
[ Christopher Plummer ]
Lord of the Flies (1963)


  • Son of actress Eileen Bennett.
  • Best known for his role as Friedrich von Trapp, second eldest of the von Trapp children, in The Sound of Music (1965).
  • Girl friend Robyn Nevin is the artistic director of the Sydney Theatre Company.
  • Degree in English Literature (Princetown University).
  • Previous job: Waiter, delivery boy, sold septic tanks.
  • Nicholas was in one play with his mother, Eileen Bennett. His mother always used to accompany him while he was working, but in 1965 Nicholas didn't want to have his mother along anymore when he was in the play "The Happiest Millionaire". His mother took a small part in the play to be able to be with her son but told no one she was his mother.
  • Moved to Australia, where he now resides.
  • Has remained close to all his "Sound of Music" siblings, particularly Charmian Carr. She, in turn, speaks affectionately of him in her autobiography.

Naked Photos of Nicholas Hammond are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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