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Peter Ustinov
Birthday: April 16, 1921

Birth Place: London, England, UK
Height: 5' 1"

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Hirsute, puckish "renaissance man" Peter Ustinov was born in England to parents of Russian lineage. Trained at the London Theatre Studio, Ustinov was on stage from the age of 17, performing sketches written by himself in the 1939 revue Late Joys. In 1940, the year that his first play, Fishing for Shadows, was staged, the 19-year-old Ustinov appeared in his first film. Just before entering the British army, Ustinov penned his first screenplay, The True Glory (1945). School for Secrets (1946) was the first of several films starring, written, and directed by Ustinov; others include Vice Versa (1946), Private Angelo (1949), Romanoff and Juliet (1961) (adapted from his own stage play), and Lady L (1965). Perhaps Ustinov's most ambitious film directorial project was Billy Budd (1962), a laudable if not completely successful attempt to transfer the allegorical style of Herman Melville to the screen. As an actor in films directed by others, Ustinov has sparkled in parts requiring what can best be described as "justifiable ham" — he was Oscar-nominated for his riveting performance as the addled Nero in 1951's Quo Vadis and has won the Best Supporting Actor prize for Spartacus (1961) and Topkapi (1964). Never one to turn down a good television assignment, Ustinov has appeared on American TV in such guises as King George and Dr. Samuel Johnson, winning the first of his three Emmy awards for the latter characterization; he is also a frequent talk show guest, regaling audiences with his droll wit and his mastery over several dialects. While he has never starred on-camera in a weekly TV series, his voice could be heard essaying virtually all the roles on the 1981 syndicated cartoon series Dr. Snuggles. The closest he has come to repeating himself was with his frequent theatrical film and TV-movie appearances as Agatha Christie's Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, in the late '70s and early '80s. The author of several plays (the most popular of which included Love of Four Colonels and Photo Finish) and books (including two autobiographies), Peter Ustinov was still going strong into the 1990s, making a long-overdue return to Hollywood in the 1992 film Lorenzo's Oil.

Movie Credits
Winter Solstice (2003)
[ Brian Blessed ]
Luther (2003)
[ Alfred Molina ][ Joseph Fiennes ][ Jonathan Firth ][ Bruno Ganz ][ Marco Hofschneider ]
Salem Witch Trials (2002)
[ Alan Bates ][ Henry Czerny ][ Jay O. Sanders ]
The Will to Resist (2002)
Victoria & Albert (2001)
[ Jonathan Pryce ][ David Suchet ][ Jonathan Firth ][ James Callis ][ Toby Jones ]
Deutschlandspiel (2000)
[ Udo Samel ]
The Bachelor (1999)
[ Chris O'Donnell ][ James Cromwell ][ Artie Lange ][ Hal Holbrook ]
Animal Farm (1999)
[ Patrick Stewart ][ Kelsey Grammer ][ Ian Holm ][ Julia Louis-Dreyfus ][ Pete Postlethwaite ]
Alice in Wonderland (1999)
[ Robbie Coltrane ][ Gene Wilder ][ Christopher Lloyd ][ Ben Kingsley ][ Jason Flemyng ]
Stiff Upper Lips (1998)
[ Samuel West ][ Stuart Wilson ][ Sean Pertwee ]
The Old Curiosity Shop (1995)
[ James Fox ][ Tom Courtenay ]
The Phoenix and the Magic Carpet (1995)
[ Ewen Bremner ][ Stuart Wilson ]
Lorenzo's Oil (1992)
[ Nick Nolte ]
C'era un castello con 40 cani (1990)
The Orchestra (1990)
Granpa (1989)
Révolution française, La (1989)
[ Christopher Lee ][ Sam Neill ]
Appointment with Death (1988)
[ John Gielgud ][ David Soul ][ John Terlesky ]
Murder in Three Acts (1986)
[ Tony Curtis ][ Dana Elcar ]
Dead Man's Folly (1986)
[ Tim Pigott-Smith ]
Thirteen at Dinner (1985)
[ Bill Nighy ][ David Suchet ]
Memed My Hawk (1984)
[ Michael Gough ][ Herbert Lom ]
Abgehört (1984)
Imaginary Friends (1983)
[ Roger Rees ]
Blackbeard's Ghost: Part 1 (1982)
Evil Under the Sun (1982)
[ Roddy McDowall ][ James Mason ]
Grendel Grendel Grendel (1981)
The Great Muppet Caper (1981)
[ John Cleese ][ Frank Oz ][ Jim Henson ][ Jack Warden ][ Charles Grodin ]
Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (1981)
[ Roddy McDowall ][ Brian Keith ][ Richard Hatch ]
The Search for Santa Claus (1981)
Nous maigrirons ensemble (1979)
Ashanti (1979)
[ Michael Caine ][ William Holden ][ Omar Sharif ][ Rex Harrison ]
Tarka the Otter (1979)
The Thief of Baghdad (1978)
[ Ian Holm ][ Terence Stamp ][ Roddy McDowall ]
Death on the Nile (1978)
[ David Niven ][ George Kennedy ][ Jack Warden ][ Jon Finch ]
Doppio delitto (1978)
[ Marcello Mastroianni ]
Winds of Change (1978)
The Mouse and His Child (1977)
The Last Remake of Beau Geste (1977)
[ James Earl Jones ][ Michael York ][ Marty Feldman ][ Henry Gibson ][ Ted Cassidy ]
Un taxi mauve (1977)
[ Fred Astaire ][ David Kelly ]
Treasure of Matecumbe (1977)
[ Dick Van Patten ]
Kein Abend wie jeder andere (1976)
Treasure of Matecumbe (1976)
[ Vic Morrow ][ Brion James ][ Dick Van Patten ]
Logan's Run (1976)
[ Michael York ][ Richard Jordan ]
One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing (1975)
[ Joss Ackland ][ Roy Kinnear ]
Robin Hood (1973)
[ Ken Curtis ][ John Fiedler ]
Burt Bacharach: Opus No. 3 (1973)
Hammersmith Is Out (1972)
[ Richard Burton ][ Beau Bridges ][ Lloyd Bridges ]
Gideon (1971)
A Storm in Summer (1970)
[ Aron Kincaid ]
Viva Max! (1969)
[ John Astin ][ Harry Morgan ][ Keenan Wynn ][ Kenneth Mars ][ Jonathan Winters ]
Hot Millions (1968)
[ Karl Malden ][ Bob Newhart ][ Cesar Romero ]
Blackbeard's Ghost (1968)
[ Walt Disney ]
The Comedians (1967)
[ James Earl Jones ][ Alec Guinness ][ Richard Burton ]
Barefoot in Athens (1966)
[ Christopher Walken ]
Lady L (1965)
[ Paul Newman ][ David Niven ]
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home (1965)
[ Jerry Orbach ][ John Williams ][ James Brolin ][ Telly Savalas ][ Harry Morgan ]
Topkapi (1964)
[ Maximilian Schell ]
The Peaches (1964)
Billy Budd (1962)
[ Terence Stamp ][ Robert Ryan ]
Romanoff and Juliet (1961)
The Sundowners (1960)
[ Robert Mitchum ]
Spartacus (1960)
[ Stanley Kubrick ][ Kirk Douglas ][ Laurence Olivier ][ Tony Curtis ][ Richard Farnsworth ]
Ángel pasó por Brooklyn, Un (1957)
Espions, Les (1957)
Girovaghi, I (1956)
Lola Montès (1955)
We're No Angels (1955)
[ Humphrey Bogart ][ Aldo Ray ]
The Moment of Truth (1955)
[ Peter Cushing ][ Donald Pleasence ]
Beau Brummell (1954)
[ Peter Cushing ]
The Egyptian (1954)
[ Victor Mature ]
Plaisir, Le (1952)
Bergère et le ramoneur, La (1952)
[ Denholm Elliott ]
Quo Vadis (1951)
[ Sergio Leone ][ Bud Spencer ][ Robert Taylor ]
The Magic Box (1951)
[ Laurence Olivier ][ Richard Attenborough ][ David Tomlinson ]
Hotel Sahara (1951)
[ David Tomlinson ]
Odette (1950)
Private Angelo (1949)
The Way Ahead (1944)
[ David Niven ]
The New Lot (1943)
The Goose Steps Out (1942)
Let the People Sing (1942)
One of Our Aircraft Is Missing (1942)
[ David Lean ]


  • His mother was artist Nadia Benois, the niece of Alexandre Benois. Both were designers for the Mariinsky Opera and Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia. Both also worked for the "Russian Seasons" and "Ballets Russes" productions by impresario Sergei Diaghilev.
  • Was knighted Sir Peter Ustinov. [1990]
  • Awarded the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire). [1975]
  • The New London Theatre in Drury Lane WC2 first opened on 2nd January 1973 with Peter Ustinov's play "The Unknown Soldier and His Wife"
  • Was the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF from 1968 until his death in 2004.
  • During WWII Pvt. Peter Ustinov was batman to Lt. Col. David Niven.
  • His father was a German subject who came to Soviet Russia on personal business where he met his future wife. Shortly after they were married they decided to leave Russia and settle in Britain. As Ustinov has said, "It is for that very reason that I am addressing you today in English."
  • First marriage to Isolde Denham, daughter of Reginald Denham and Moyna MacGill. Their daughter is Tamara Ustinov. Isolde was half-sister of Angela Lansbury.
  • In January 1963, the Mirisch Company sued him for damages after he pulled out of The Pink Panther (1963), which was in production in Rome with his replacement, Peter Sellers.
  • Peter and Suzanne had 3 children: two daughters, Pavla Ustinov and Andrea Ustinov, and a son Igor Ustinov.
  • Chancellor of the University of Durham from 1992 until his death in 2004.
  • Is 1/4 Ethiopian on his father's side.
  • Has a song written about him: "The Night I Saved Peter Ustinov" - written and recorded by Lauren Christy.
  • Is fluent in French, German, English, Italian, Russian and Spanish and can pass in Turkish and Greek among others.
  • He was known to proudly say "I have Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Ethiopian blood in my veins."
  • Funeral service held at Geneva's historic Cathedral of St Pierre. He was later buried in the village of Bursins, where he had lived in a Chateau since 1971. (April 2004)
  • According to Peter Wright, in his book "Spycatcher," Ustinov's father was Klop Ustinov, who had been active in MI5 (British Security Service, Counterespionage) as an agent runner during the Second World War. He also had the distinction of having held commissions in the Russian, German and British armies (presumably at different times).
  • He was a Humanist Laureate, a member of the International Academy of Humanism.
  • In 1958, received two Tony Award nominations for "Romanoff and Juliet": as Best Actor (Dramatic) and as Best Play Author.
  • In 1964, he accepted the Oscar for "Best Actress in a Supporting Role" on behalf of Margaret Rutherford, who wasn't present at the awards ceremony
  • Member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1966
  • Winning a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Lentulus Batiatus in Spartacus (1960), Ustinov stands as the only actor to win an Oscar for a Stanley Kubrick film. In fact, Peter Sellers is the only other actor to receive so much as a nomination.
  • Both his father and uncle were officers in the German army and fought Britain in WWI.
  • Made a comedy record in the late 1950s, "Mock Mozart" and "Phoney Folk Lore". He had been performing these as party pieces. Overdubbing allowed Ustinov to sing multiple parts. His producer was George Martin, future producer of The Beatles. (Martin later described Ustinov as "Britain's answer to Orson Welles.")

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