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Robert Blake
Birthday: September 18, 1933

Birth Place: Nutley, New Jersey, USA
Height: 5' 4"

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Robert Blake. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@actorsofhollywood.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.



Wide-eyed little Bobby Blake began his acting career as an Our Gang kid and eventually matured into one of Hollywood's finest actors. Born Michael Gubitosi, the boy was two years old when he joined his family vaudeville act, "The Three Little Hillbillies." The act was doomed to failure, as were most of the pipe dreams of the Gubitosi family. Relocating from New Jersey to California, Michael's mom found work for her kids as extras at the MGM studios. The young Gubitosi impressed the producers of the Our Gang series, and as a result the six-year-old was elevated to star status in the short subjects series. Little Mickey Gubitosi whined and whimpered his way through 40 Our Gang shorts, reaching an artistic low point with the execrable All About Hash (1940). During his five-year tenure with the series, the boy anglicized his professional name to Bobby Blake. Freelancing after 1944, Blake's performing skills improved immeasurably, especially when he was cast as Indian sidekick Little Beaver in Republic's Red Ryder series. He also registered well in his appearances in Warner Bros. films, playing such roles as the younger John Garfield in Humoresque (1946) and the Mexican kid who sells Bogart the crucial lottery ticket in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948). Though sporadically happy in his work (one of his most pleasurable assignments was the otherwise forgettable Laurel and Hardy feature The Big Noise, 1944), Bobby Blake was an unhappy child, weighed down by a miserable home life. At 16, Blake dropped out of sight for a few years, a reportedly difficult period in his life. Upon claiming a 16,000-dollar nest egg at age 21, however, Blake began turning his life around, both personally and professionally. He matriculated into a genuine actor rather than a mere "cute" personality, essaying choice dramatic roles in both films and TV. He starred in the Allied Artists gangster flick The Purple Gang (1960), played featured roles in such films as PT 109 (1963), Ensign Pulver (1964), and The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965), and guest starred on dozens of TV shows. In 1963, he was one of 12 character actors amalgamated into the "repertory company" on the weekly anthology series The Richard Boone Show; he spent the next 26 weeks playing everything from agreeable office boys to fevered dope addicts. His true breakthrough role came in 1967, when he was cast as real-life multiple murderer Perry Smith in Richard Brooks' filmization of In Cold Blood. Even after this career boost, Blake often found the going rough in Hollywood, due as much to his own pugnacious behavior as to typecasting. He did, however, star in such worthwhile efforts as Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here (1969) and Electra Glide in Blue (1973). Blake achieved full-fledged stardom at last with his three-year (1975-1978) starring stint on the TV cop series Baretta, adding to his already sizeable fan following via several lively, tell-all guest appearances on The Tonight Show, The Merv Griffin Show, and several other video chat fests. Despite his never-ending battles with the ABC executives during the Baretta run, Blake stuck out the series long enough to win an Emmy, and even got to direct an episode or two.Forming his own production company, Blake made several subsequent tries at TV-series success: Hell Town (1985), in which he starred as a barrio priest, lasted 13 weeks, while the private-eye endeavor Jake Dancer never got past its three pilot films. He has been more successful with such one-shots as the TV miniseries Hoffa (1983), in which he played the title character with chilling accuracy, and the 1993 TV biopic Judgment Day: The John List Story, which earned him another Emmy. His later film appearances were in hard-nosed character parts, such as 1995's The Money Train. Though he's managed to purge some of his personal demons over the years, Robert Blake remains as feisty, outspoken, and unpredictable as ever, especially when given an open forum by such talk show hosts as Tom Snyder. In 2001, Blake was back in the headlines as the mysterious murder of wife Bonnie Lee Bakely sent the tabloids into a furious frenzy of speculation and accusation. Arrested for the murder of Bonnie Lee Bakely in April 2002, Blake's future looked increasingly grim as evidence continued to mount against him.

Movie Credits
Lost Highway (1997)
[ David Lynch ][ Giovanni Ribisi ][ Bill Pullman ][ Gary Busey ][ David Bowie ]
Money Train (1995)
[ Wesley Snipes ][ Woody Harrelson ][ Chris Cooper ][ Vincent Pastore ][ Enrico Colantoni ]
Judgment Day: The John List Story (1993)
[ David Caruso ][ Roger R. Cross ][ Tygh Runyan ]
Heart of a Champion: The Ray Mancini Story (1985)
[ Tony Burton ][ Doug McKeon ]
Hell Town (1985)
[ James Gammon ]
Murder One, Dancer 0 (1983)
Blood Feud (1983)
[ Lance Henriksen ][ Ernest Borgnine ][ Danny Aiello ][ Seymour Cassel ][ Michael Lerner ]
Of Mice and Men (1981)
[ Randy Quaid ][ Pat Hingle ][ Ted Neeley ]
The Monkey Mission (1981)
[ Keenan Wynn ][ John Fiedler ]
The Big Black Pill (1981)
[ Wilford Brimley ][ Bubba Smith ][ James Gammon ]
Second-Hand Hearts (1981)
Joe Dancer: The Big Trade (1981)
Coast to Coast (1980)
[ Michael Lerner ]
Baretta (1975)
[ Dana Elcar ]
Busting (1974)
[ Elliott Gould ][ Sid Haig ][ Michael Lerner ]
Electra Glide in Blue (1973)
[ Nick Nolte ]
Corky (1972)
[ Ben Johnson ]
Uomo dalla pelle dura, L' (1972)
[ Ernest Borgnine ][ Tomas Milian ]
Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here (1969)
[ Robert Redford ][ John Vernon ]
In Cold Blood (1967)
[ Truman Capote ]
This Property Is Condemned (1966)
[ Robert Redford ][ Charles Bronson ][ Dabney Coleman ]
A Mouthful of Dust (1965)
The Winter Soldier (1965)
The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)
[ John Wayne ][ Charlton Heston ][ Sidney Poitier ][ Max von Sydow ][ Martin Landau ]
Run, Pony, Run (1964)
[ Harry Morgan ]
First Sermon (1964)
Welcome Home, Dan (1964)
The Hooligan (1964)
PT 109 (1963)
[ Cliff Robertson ][ George Takei ][ Robert Culp ][ Norman Fell ]
Town Without Pity (1961)
[ Kirk Douglas ][ Frank Sutton ]
The Purple Gang (1960)
The Shooting of Jesse May (1960)
The Fatalist (1960)
Battle Flame (1959)
Pork Chop Hill (1959)
[ Gregory Peck ][ Rip Torn ][ Harry Dean Stanton ][ George Peppard ][ Martin Landau ]
Revolt in the Big House (1958)
The Beast of Budapest (1958)
The Tijuana Story (1957)
Three Violent People (1957)
[ Charlton Heston ][ Jamie Farr ]
Rumble on the Docks (1956)
The Rack (1956)
[ Paul Newman ][ Lee Marvin ][ James Best ]
Screaming Eagles (1956)
[ Robert Dix ]
Trouble on the Trail (1954)
[ Guy Madison ]
Smuggled Silver (1953)
The Veils of Bagdad (1953)
[ James Arness ][ Victor Mature ]
Treasure of the Golden Condor (1953)
Apache War Smoke (1952)
[ Harry Morgan ]
The Black Rose (1950)
[ Orson Welles ][ Peter Sellers ][ Tyrone Power ][ Herbert Lom ]
Black Hand (1950)
[ Gene Kelly ]
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)
[ Humphrey Bogart ][ John Huston ]
The Last Round-up (1947)
The Return of Rin Tin Tin (1947)
Marshal of Cripple Creek (1947)
Rustlers of Devil's Canyon (1947)
Oregon Trail Scouts (1947)
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley (1947)
Vigilantes of Boomtown (1947)
Sun Valley Cyclone (1946)
Home on the Range (1946)
Sheriff of Redwood Valley (1946)
California Gold Rush (1946)
A Guy Could Change (1946)
Humoresque (1946)
Stagecoach to Denver (1946)
Out California Way (1946)
Santa Fe Uprising (1946)
Conquest of Cheyenne (1946)
In Old Sacramento (1946)
Dakota (1945)
[ John Wayne ][ Walter Brennan ][ Ward Bond ]
Wagon Wheels Westward (1945)
Colorado Pioneers (1945)
Marshal of Laredo (1945)
Phantom of the Plains (1945)
The Lone Texas Ranger (1945)
Pillow to Post (1945)
The Horn Blows at Midnight (1945)
Great Stagecoach Robbery (1945)
The Woman in the Window (1945)
[ Fritz Lang ]
Vigilantes of Dodge City (1944)
Cheyenne Wildcat (1944)
The Big Noise (1944)
[ Stan Laurel ]
The San Antonio Kid (1944)
The Seventh Cross (1944)
[ Spencer Tracy ][ Hume Cronyn ]
Marshal of Reno (1944)
Meet the People (1944)
Tucson Raiders (1944)
Dancing Romeo (1944)
Tale of a Dog (1944)
Radio Bugs (1944)
Sheriff of Las Vegas (1944)
Family Troubles (1943)
Slightly Dangerous (1943)
[ Walter Brennan ][ Ward Bond ]
Benjamin Franklin, Jr. (1943)
Little Miss Pinkerton (1943)
Calling All Kids (1943)
Lost Angel (1943)
[ Keenan Wynn ]
Three Smart Guys (1943)
Salute to the Marines (1943)
Election Daze (1943)
Farm Hands (1943)
Rover's Big Chance (1942)
Andy Hardy's Double Life (1942)
[ Mickey Rooney ]
China Girl (1942)
Unexpected Riches (1942)
Mighty Lak a Goat (1942)
Doin' Their Bit (1942)
Surprised Parties (1942)
Mokey (1942)
Kid Glove Killer (1942)
Don't Lie (1942)
Going to Press (1942)
Melodies Old and New (1942)
Wedding Worries (1941)
Come Back, Miss Pipps (1941)
Helping Hands (1941)
Robot Wrecks (1941)
Fightin' Fools (1941)
Baby Blues (1941)
1-2-3 Go! (1941)
Ye Olde Minstrels (1941)
Main Street on the March! (1941)
Spots Before Your Eyes (1940)
The New Pupil (1940)
All About Hash (1940)
Alfalfa's Double (1940)
The Big Premiere (1940)
Kiddie Kure (1940)
Goin' Fishin' (1940)
Waldo's Last Stand (1940)
Good Bad Boys (1940)
I Love You Again (1940)
[ William Powell ]
Bubbling Troubles (1940)
Time Out for Lessons (1939)
Dad for a Day (1939)
Captain Spanky's Show Boat (1939)
Auto Antics (1939)
Joy Scouts (1939)
Bridal Suite (1939)


  • Born at 8:30am EDT.
  • Father of Noah Blake.
  • Walked away from his career 1986-93.
  • Daughter, Rose Lenore Sophia Blake (with Bonnie Lee Bakley) was born June 2000.
  • Blake's wife, Bakley, was shot in the head and killed while sitting in her car waiting for her husband outside of a restaurant. [4 May 2001]
  • Blake's father, James Gubitosi, was a blacksmith for the Works Progress Administration (WPA) with show business aspirations. He eventually quit the WPA and started a song and dance act with his wife, Elizabeth. He eventually added their three children to the act, billing them as "The Three Little Hillbillies". In 1938, he took them to L.A., where the couple worked as a gardener and a maid while trying to get work for their children. Blake said neither parent was loving. His father spent ever cent his son earned and beat him as he descended into alcoholism.
  • He received accolades for his performance as a killer who goes to the gallows in 1967's In Cold Blood (1967), and he won a 1975 Emmy for Baretta (1975) (TV), but his career had been stalled for years.
  • After over a year following her death, he was arrested for the murder of his wife Bonnie. He was acquitted on 16th March 2005. Eight months later, however, in a rebuke to the jury in the criminal case, a jury in a civil suit brought on behalf of her children found Blake liable for the murder and ordered him to pay over million in damages.
  • Almost had the role of Jim Rockford on "The Rockford Files" (1974), but Stephen J. Cannell thought that, since Rockford didn't like to fight, the diminuitive Blake would have seemed too cowardly in the role.
  • To prepare for the role of Hannibal Lecter, Anthony Hopkins had watched Blake's performance in In Cold Blood (1967) several times (Hopkins said this having visited Blake, whom he didn't know personally, in prison after being accused of murdering his wife).
  • Passed on Ratzo Ritzo in Midnight Cowboy (1969), and lost out on a role in The Godfather (1972) (presumably in the role of Michael or Sonny). He also turned down the role of Angel in The Wild Bunch (1969).
  • Appears in the film Lost Highway, about a man who murders his wife. It was inspired, according to David Lynch, by the O.J. Simpson case. Blake later became the center of another high-profile wife-killing case in real life.
  • Although he is of Italian descent, for many years he specialized in playing either Latino characters or Native Americans

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