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Sacha Baron Cohen
Birthday: October 13, 1971

Birth Place: London, England, UK
Height: 6' 3"

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Best known for his character Ali G, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen was born in London in 1971 to a Welsh father and an Israeli mother. He first assumed the role on Channel 4's The Eleven O'Clock Show in 1999, embarrassing himself as well as clueless interviewees as a British hip-hop wannabe, acting as the "voice of da youth." The character was wildly popular, gaining Baron Cohen his own program, Da Ali G Show, in 2000, which was brought to the U.S. in 2003. Baron Cohen employed a comedic technique that consisted mainly of acting stupid as many well-known guests such as Pat Buchanan, Buzz Aldrin, and Boutros Boutros-Ghali, afraid of looking uncool, would play along and try to answer his inane or bizarre questions. He eventually took his alter ego to the big screen with the feature film, Ali G Indahouse: the 2002 movie found Ali G trying to prevent his neighborhood from being demolished after he is elected to Parliament.Da Ali G Show also included segments from two of Baron Cohen's other characters. Bruno, an Austrian fashion reporter from a fictional program called Gay TV, frequently put homophobic guests on the spot, while misogynistic Kazakhstani immigrant Borat showcased his flagrant anti-Semitism to clueless interviewees who, failing to catch onto the satirical nature of the show, would either join him in his bigoted beliefs or try to explain American values to him. Controversy surrounded all three of Baron Cohen's characters, as critics blasted him for endorsing racism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia. HBO, which aired Da Ali G Show, insisted that all of the show's characters were meant to make fun of the prejudiced and ignorant, not the persecuted. It has also been noted that Baron Cohen himself is Jewish and comes from an active Zionist background.In 2005, he lent his vocal talents to the animated film Madagascar, marking a departure from his Da Ali G. Show characters that he would cement in 2006 with a role in the Will Ferrell comedy Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, as a flamboyant French Formula 1 driver who challenges Ferrell's NASCAR supremacy. A comedy match made in stock-car heaven, the summer release seemed like the perfect chance for the comedian to try his hand at ensemble work, but was soon growing his mustache out to reprise his Kazakhstani alter-ego for the feature film Borat. Looking ahead, Baron Cohen signed on to star in Curly Oxide and Vic Thrill in 2007, a fact-based story about a young Hassidic Jew who forms an unusual musical partnership with a grizzled old rock musician. Tina Fey, writer of Mean Girls and longtime head writer for Saturday Night Live wrote the script, with Lorne Michaels planning on producing.

Movie Credits
Madagascar 2 (2008)
[ Ben Stiller ][ David Schwimmer ][ Chris Rock ][ Cedric the Entertainer ][ Andy Richter ]
Dinner for Schmucks (2007)
Curly Oxide and Vic Thrill (2007)
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006)
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)
[ Will Ferrell ][ Michael Clarke Duncan ][ John C. Reilly ][ Gary Cole ][ Andy Richter ]
Madagascar (2005)
[ Ben Stiller ][ David Schwimmer ][ Chris Rock ][ Bob Saget ][ Cedric the Entertainer ]
Jah (2004)
Realize (2004)
Peace (2004)
Rekognize (2004)
Spyz (2003)
Ali G Indahouse (2002)
[ Michael Gambon ][ Martin Freeman ][ Charles Dance ][ George Lopez ]
The Jolly Boys' Last Stand (2000)
[ Andy Serkis ]
Jack and Jeremy's Police 4 (1995)


  • He was voted Personality of the year at the TV Quick awards in London, England, UK. [4 September 2000]
  • Studied History at Christ's College, Cambridge
  • Engaged to Australian actress Isla Fisher.
  • In contrast to his characters, he is a soft-spoken, gentlemanly Cambridge man who considered pursuing a PhD before going into comedy.
  • He plays three principal characters on "Da Ali G Show" (2003). The title character is Ali G, a lower-class white male who acts like an Jamaican Londoner and enrages his politically active and powerful guests with stupid questions. Another one is the Khazakstani TV reporter Borat, who naively searches for porn and outlets for his scatological, accidental humor and anti-Semitism. The last one is the superficial Austrian fashion-expert Bruno, who often talks up heartless fashionistas and makes macho men uncomfortable with his blatant homosexuality.
  • Gave 2004 Harvard class day address in character as Ali G.
  • For a time it was a rule for Cohen that he only appears on talk shows in character, although he has since repeatedly broke this role and appeared as his real self. However, around the time of a new film or TV show, he will still normally appear on talk shows while in character.
  • His cousin, Simon Baron Cohen, is a preeminent psychologist who became famous for his theory that autism is caused by an "extreme male brain."
  • Went to Haberdashers' Aske's School for Boys in Hertfordshire, the same school as "Little Britain" (2003) star Matt Lucas, comedian David Baddiel and former Formula 1 champion Damon Hill.
  • It took 6 weeks for Sacha to grow facial hair and eyebrows to play Borat.
  • During an "All Things Considered" interview in 2004, Baron Cohen told NPR's Robert Siegel that he wrote his Cambridge thesis on Jewish involvement in the American Civil Rights movement, focusing especially on the 1964 murders of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

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