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Terry Kinney
Birthday: January 29, 1954

Birth Place: Lincoln, Illinois, USA
Height: 0' 0"

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Some actors have such defining traits that they seem to have "leading man" written all over them, while others, like Terry Kinney, succeed with an uncanny ability to drastically alter their appearance at the drop of a hat. Though his chameleon-like skills have helped the actor land numerous roles on the stage and screen, it's his talent that ultimately formed the backbone of his enduring career. After graduating from high school, the Lincoln, IL, native attended Illinois State University. It was there that he befriended aspiring actor Jeff Perry, who invited Kinney to Chicago to watch his best friend perform in a stage production of Grease. Perry's friend was an ambitious young actor named Gary Sinise, and the three soon began planning to open their own regional theater. Though it was founded in 1974, the Steppenwolf Theater wouldn't quite get off the ground until two years later — when Kinney and Perry graduated from I.S.U. The venture was largely unprofitable at first, so its founders supported themselves and their dream through a series of odd jobs before the theater moved from a Highland Park church basement to the old St. Nicholas Theater building in the early '80s. The change of scenery proved to be just what the theater needed to flourish, and it was soon drawing good crowds. In the years that followed, the company moved once again — this time to a permanent location in Chicago — and Kinney served as Steppenwolf's artistic co-director alongside Sinise. During this profitable period, Kinney and his co-founders were nominated for numerous theatrical awards, while their productions made headway on Broadway. Kinney, of course, had aspirations beyond regional theater, and, in 1986, made his film debut with a small part in the romantic comedy Seven Minutes in Heaven. The remainder of the '80s found the actor landing bit parts in No Mercy (1986) and Sinise's Miles From Home (1988), in addition to a brief stint on television with thirtysomething. It wasn't until the following decade, however, that his film career truly began to blossom. Following an appearance in The Last of the Mohicans (1992), Kinney drew favorable reviews for his top-billed turn in Abel Ferrara's Body Snatchers, and his billing remained high with The Firm (1993), Fly Away Home (1996), and Sleepers (1998). In 1997, Kinney landed an extended gig on the acclaimed HBO prison drama Oz. Cast as Cell Block Five Unit Manager Tim McManus, Kinney's hardened performance lent the show both dimension and a certain foundation. Kinney frequently balanced his role on this series with a number of feature performances, including such films as The Young Girl and the Monsoon (1999, his second lead), Luminous Motion (1998), and The House of Mirth (2000). Although the bulk of his work in Save the Last Dance (2001) ended up on the cutting room floor, audiences could still get a good look at Kinney in such features as The Laramie Project (2001) and the 2004 soccer drama The Game of Their Lives.

Movie Credits
Turn the River (2007)
[ Rip Torn ][ Chris Eigeman ][ Jordan Bridges ]
Amber Frey: Witness for the Prosecution (2005)
Runaway (2005)
[ Aaron Stanford ]
The Game of Their Lives (2005)
[ Gerard Butler ][ Patrick Stewart ][ John Rhys-Davies ][ Wes Bentley ][ Zachery Ty Bryan ]
A Man a Mile (2004)
Focus Group (2004)
House Hunting (2003)
[ Paul Rudd ]
Dead Man Talking (2003)
[ Harold Perrineau ][ J.K. Simmons ][ Dean Winters ][ Lee Tergesen ][ Kirk Acevedo ]
Good Intentions (2002)
[ Harold Perrineau ][ J.K. Simmons ][ Ernie Hudson ][ Lee Tergesen ][ Kirk Acevedo ]
Dream a Little Dream of Me (2002)
[ Harold Perrineau ][ J.K. Simmons ][ B.D. Wong ][ Ernie Hudson ][ Dean Winters ]
The Laramie Project (2002)
[ Steve Buscemi ][ Joshua Jackson ][ Ben Foster ][ Clancy Brown ][ Peter Fonda ]
Orpheus Descending (2001)
[ Ernie Hudson ][ Method Man ][ Austin Pendleton ][ Lord Jamar ]
Midwives (2001)
[ Peter Coyote ]
Save the Last Dance (2001)
[ Sean Patrick Thomas ]
The House of Mirth (2000)
[ Dan Aykroyd ][ Eric Stoltz ][ Anthony Lapaglia ]
The Young Girl and the Monsoon (1999)
[ Domenick Lombardozzi ]
That Championship Season (1999)
[ Vincent D'Onofrio ][ Gary Sinise ][ Tony Shalhoub ][ Paul Sorvino ]
Oxygen (1999)
[ Dylan Baker ][ Frankie Faison ]
Don't Look Down (1998)
[ Billy Burke ]
Luminous Motion (1998)
[ Eric Lloyd ][ Jamey Sheridan ]
George Wallace (1997)
[ Gary Sinise ][ Ron Jeremy ][ Joe Don Baker ][ Steve Harris ][ William Sanderson ]
Critical Choices (1996)
[ Jeffrey Donovan ][ Dean McDermott ][ Brian Kerwin ]
Sleepers (1996)
[ Brad Pitt ][ Robert De Niro ][ Kevin Bacon ][ Dustin Hoffman ][ Billy Crudup ]
Fly Away Home (1996)
[ Jeff Daniels ]
White Lies (1996)
Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)
[ Denzel Washington ][ Don Cheadle ][ Tom Sizemore ]
The Good Old Boys (1995)
[ Matt Damon ][ Tommy Lee Jones ][ Tommy Lee ][ Sam Shepard ][ Bruce McGill ]
J.F.K.: Reckless Youth (1993)
[ Patrick Dempsey ][ Loren Dean ]
The Firm (1993)
[ Tom Cruise ][ Gene Hackman ][ Ed Harris ][ Gary Busey ][ David Strathairn ]
Body Snatchers (1993)
[ R. Lee Ermey ][ Forest Whitaker ]
The Last of the Mohicans (1992)
[ Daniel Day-Lewis ][ Pete Postlethwaite ][ Colm Meaney ][ Dylan Baker ][ Wes Studi ]
Deadly Matrimony (1992)
[ Treat Williams ][ Xander Berkeley ][ Robert Picardo ][ Henry Czerny ][ Ron White ]
Talent for the Game (1991)
[ Edward James Olmos ][ Jamey Sheridan ][ Tom Bower ]
The Grapes of Wrath (1991)
[ Gary Sinise ]
Queens Logic (1991)
[ Kevin Bacon ][ John Malkovich ][ Joe Mantegna ][ Richard Kind ]
Kojak: None So Blind (1990)
[ Rip Torn ][ James Remar ][ Jerry Orbach ][ Telly Savalas ][ Andre Braugher ]
Payment Due (1989)
No Promises (1989)
Born to Be Mild (1988)
I'm in Love (1988)
Miles from Home (1988)
[ Richard Gere ][ John Malkovich ][ Daniel Roebuck ][ Kevin Anderson ]
Murder Ordained (1987)
[ John Goodman ][ Keith Carradine ][ Johnny Galecki ][ M. Emmet Walsh ]
A Walk on the Moon (1987)
[ Kevin Anderson ]
No Mercy (1986)
[ Richard Gere ][ Bruce McGill ][ Charles S. Dutton ][ William Atherton ][ George Dzundza ]
Seven Minutes in Heaven (1985)
[ Spalding Gray ]


  • Co-founder of the Steppenwolf Theater Company.
  • Second child with Kathryn Erbe, son Carson Lincoln Kinney, born October 15, 2003.
  • Daughter, Maeve, born in 1996.
  • Was nominated for Broadway's 1990 Tony Award as Best Actor (Featured Role - Play) for playing Reverend Jim Casey in "The Grapes of Wrath," a part he recreated in the television version of the same title, The Grapes of Wrath (1991) (TV).

Naked Photos of Terry Kinney are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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